The Parents of Oliver Satchel Smith Speak out About their Son’s Death

Nothing is more painful than the loss of a child.  Larry and Mary Jo Smith share their story and talk about the “empty space” in their heart.  “He was just a beautiful, beautiful light in our lives, and now he’s gone,” said Larry Smith.

“It’s Russian roulette — you can smoke spice on many occasions and it might be a good or bad experience and you might smoke it one time and die.”

They speak out in hopes that they may be able to save even one life and hopefully persuade lawmakers to move quickly before another set of parents get that dreaded phone call that “no one should have to go through.”

The parents of an 18-year-old who ovedosed on a K2 type drug speak out for the first time

Larry and Mary Jo Smith are talking about the death of their 18-year-old son, Oliver, who died from an overdose of a K2 type drug and they are talking in hopes of saving someone else.

Larry says it would bring him joy “If one life was saved because of what happened to Oliver.”

Mary Jo and Larry say Oliver had been doing great and was getting clean just before this happened, so they were shocked when they got the call. It was a week ago last Saturday. Oliver had gone to a private beach on Wing Lake the night before and as Larry says, “Played Russian Roulette with a killer.”

Through tears Larry and Mary Jo say they are trying to get through each day now with an empty space in their hearts.

They say Oliver’s friends and their family and friends have been at their side since the moment they got the devastating news and continue to help and support them.

Larry wrote a letter to Michigan lawmakers telling them two things; that they support a total ban on K2 type drugs and also telling them what a wonderful young man Oliver was. “He would light up a room with his smile,” says Larry.

Larry and Mary Jo and Oliver’s friends and family say they will work non-stop now to get rid of these synthetic drugs.

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  1. Cant believe it mannn. I just saw you Oliver a week before at orchard lake walking the crosswalk, you wont be forgotten man such a great loss just come back man:(((

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