Upset Father Destroys Head Shop Display with Baseball Bat

Daniel Avery

Although the To the Maximus Foundation does not condone vigilanteism, most of our members can sympathize with Daniel Avery, of upstate New York.

The frustration and pain of a parent whose son has been seriously affected by synthetic drugs, combined with the daily sight of a local shop selling those drugs openly, is almost too much to bare.

Avery’s frustration in obtaining cooperation from law enforcement in upholding the local, state, and federal laws that address synthetic drugs is understandable.

Some of our members can’t count the number of times we have reported shops selling synthetic drugs in violation of local, state, or federal bans–and getting little or no police response.  Fortunately, some of our members live in states, such as Illinois and Georgia, that have taken the treat of synthetic drugs seriously.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s staff has traveled the state educating our law enforcers in how to manage the threat of synthetic drugs.  The problem has transformed from legal sales, over the counter, to the clandestine drug market.  Legislation drafted by Madigan to compliment existing laws is currently sitting on Governor Quinn’s, waiting for his signature.  It addresses the misbranding and mislabeling of these drugs and eliminates the problem of listing particular chemicals, which are then tweaked to bypass laws.  The Foundation feels that the Illinois legislation should be used as a model.  Pending Legislation to compliment existing legislation: HB 5233 Existing Legislation: HB 2089, HB 6459, HB 2595

We hope that the DEA’s recent crack down on synthetic drugs will encourage local police to act more quickly and seriously to these reports, and to more fully understand enforcement of synthetic drug laws.

We pray for Daniel Avery, his son, and all those similarly affected by these poisons.

We are also relieved that this shop was finally busted (albeit, a bit too late), and encourage family members and friends of users to immediately report local dealers of synthetic drugs to law enforcement.

We imagine this is the type of case that would draw public support to assist Mr. Avery with his legal obligations.


Daniel Avery, Upset Father, Smashes Up Shop That Sold Son Bath Salts

Posted: 07/26/2012 2:50 pm Updated: 07/26/2012 2:56 pm

Daniel Avery said he has no regrets about what he did to a head shop that sold his son bath salts.

WWNY Reports that the Watertown, Avery is accused of using a baseball bat to smash the glass front door of Tebb’s Head Shop, as well as the store’s display case and other merchandise on Tuesday.

Avery’s 24-year-old son is in the hospital after overdosing on bath salts. He is expected to recover, but Avery said selling bath salts is unacceptable.

“I have to pay for my actions, that’s the way it is, but somebody had to do it,” he said. “It has to stop.”

The Smoking Gun reports that Tebb’s Head Shop employee Trevor Harding told police that Avery told him, “you sold my kid bath salts.”

“He kept spazzing out saying he was going to kill me, he had a good son that never did crack or cocaine,” Harding said.

Avery now faces third degree criminal possession of a weapon, third degree criminal mischief and second degree menacing charges.

Just one day after Avery was arrested, Tebb’s head shop and other stores suspected of selling bath salts in Upstate New York were raided by authorities, according to MyABC.

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