Portrait of a Predator – Rick Broider

The To the Maximus Foundation is starting a series of articles called Portrait of a Preditor, featuring people from around the country that we believe to be guilty of preying on our young people through the synthetic drug trade.

Our first predator is Rick Broider. Broider is President of North American Herbal Incense Trade Association (NAHITA), owner of Liberty Herbal Incense, President of Loudon Youth Association,  and founder and “lead instructor” of Real Deal Mixed Martial Arts gym.  Yes, when he’s not selling drugs to the kids, he’s coaching and instructing them.

Broider says that Liberty Herbal Incense recently changed its poison formulas to keep its products legal. He insists his industry’s products are not for human consumption, though he concedes that some people may be misusing the product by smoking it.

He will appear on CNBC’s Crime, Inc., Thursday at 7 and 8 p.m. CST where Broider tells correspondent Carl Quintanilla that smoking fake pot is “not dangerous, it’s risky.”  We looked up ‘risky’ in the Webster’s Dictionary and it says “attending with risk or danger.”  Hummm!  Sounds dangerous to us!

Broider fights hard for his right to profit off of our young people.  He has organized NAHITA to fight for the right of an entire industry to injure and kill our citizens. Although he refuses to divulge membership information, Broider claims that the association has 1,200.  We believe that the membership is closer to 3 or 4.  OK, maybe a few more, but no one knows for sure.

On their website, Liberty Herbal Incense says “As we understand it, there has been no legitimate reports of injuries concerning ANY reputable herbal incense products utilized within intended use.”  What can we say?  The true intended use is to smoke his products and synthetic marijuana has injured and killed many people.

Through his trade association and drug-dealing business, Broider has used the internet to spread his philosophy regarding the “constitutional right” of himself and his cohorts to sell drugs.  Broider says  “…..don’t Americans have the right to assume their own personal risk?”

But, the real story is simple.  It’s all about greed.

“All these people who are hawking this stuff are interested in is making a buck,” said DEA Special Agent Jim Burns, who covers New York.

“They are not interested in what happens to the people who use it.”

Broider lives in Loudon, New Hampshire with his wife and their 6 children on 20 acres.

New York Post columnist Linda Stasi , says “This guy was on “Wife Swap” as a too-strict disciplinarian, ex-military man and scary father of six. Now? He’s a multimillionaire manufacturer of synthetic drugs in New Hampshire.”  Wife swap is a reality TV program where, two families, usually from different social classes and lifestyles, swap wives/mothers – and sometimes husbands – for two weeks.

Would Broider allow his children to smoke herbal incense or synthetic marijuana products?

“You know, if my children are under 18 years old, I would not allow them to do anything that I wouldn’t deem appropriate to be doing under 18 years old,” he says. “When they’re over 18 years old, I would see it no differently than alcohol or tobacco, which are two products that have been proven to be addictive and have have proven to have negative health consequences.”

What kind of a father would have no problem with his children smoking synthetic cannabinoids?  Where are the child protective services in New Hampshire?

If you know a little about Broider’s history, it’s not all that surprising that he has become one of our society’s predators.

Loudon resident Rick Broider, 39, lived on the streets of Boston’s Copley Square for 2 1/2 years as a runaway teenager, starting at age 14.

He never knew his father.

“I wasn’t dealt the best hand of cards,” he said.

He quit high school after his freshman year. Broider joined the Army National Guards as a military weapons specialist, at age 17.   We don’t know how you feel, but we get the creeps when we think about a guy like this with a military weapons specialist background.

Building a mixed-martial arts gym behind his house, he coaches soccer and basketball and wants to start teaching parenting classes.   We are not making this up!  Oh yes,… and he is President of the Loudon (NH) Youth Athletic Association and Real Deal Mixed Martial Art’s Founder and Lead Instructor (we think he’s the only instructor).

We wonder if he shares his ‘peace pipe’ with the kids and if their parents know that their youth leader is a drug dealer.

In the Press Release for Operation Log Jam, DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart says “retailers, distributors and manufacturers of synthetic drugs are no different than drug dealers on the street.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Rick Broider is every parents nightmare because he presents himself to be a respectable businessman and youth leader.  But, he’s nothing more than a  drug dealer who is using his business experience to promote a deadly trade, responsible for killing many and injuring many more.



Portrait of a Predator – Rick Broider — 12 Comments

  1. Tothemaximus,

    I know Broider personally and he isn’t at all as how you’re portraying him. Its people/agencies like you that create the problem. This country could be much more simplified if people were to take personal responsibility rather than finding someone to blame or some product to ban. Raise your children to be wise and independent thinkers as he has done with his boys and I promise, there will be nothing to worry about. How dare any of you cast anything at this man for selling a product that the people use unfit. HOW IS THAT HIS FAULT?

    Also, you have awful journalistic abilty. You used the word “praying” when you meant “preying.” And I’m not sure what a “preditor” is as he isn’t in the publishing business so that witty play on words doesn’t quite work.

    Sincerely one individual that acknowledges that he in fact has and makes choices in life,
    Sam “Mavrick” Adams

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  4. How is it we live in a country that can outlaw sagin your pants..”which I totally agree” but cant keep a drug that is targeted at youth scooby snacks, sponge bob, I mean come on what kinda world is it when we care more about how someone wears their pants verses someone getting rich off talking food out of children mouths..and killing off our youth…you can say what you want about it not being linked to injury..then tell me why I know of three young people just from my town alone that have died from it..my husband is rehab right because he made the mistake of thinking it was just legal pot..well to all you makers…i could say I hope someone lets your children try it one day..but they are not responsible for your greed..instead I say to you your money wont save you on earth or in the afterlife so enjoy while you can..because you never know what tomorrow will bring…

    • Leigha, in Illinois we have legislation that outlaws the retail sales of synthetic drugs. Illinois House Bill 5233 targets the retail sale of synthetic drugs by defining a “synthetic drug product” as one that contains a controlled substance not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, regardless of what it’s called or how it’s labeled. It ends the catch up game of listing particular chemicals in legislation that is obsolete before it even goes into effect. I encourage everyone to call their state Attorney General or state legislators and insist that they follow Illinois’ lead.

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  6. The alcohol industry and the cigarette industry are nothing but predators and drug dealers as well the number of deaths that they have caused is staggering. (Yes alcohol and nicotine are drugs as well) but there is no outcry; do their deaths not matter? Are they not important? I lost a son as well to a drunk driver who was high on the deadly drug alcohol, does he not matter?

    What about the people who have been murdered by legally held firearms do they not matter?

    • Dear Joe,

      Of course it matters! But I have a question for you: If more people die in car crashes, do we stop worrying about airline safety? If someone dies from cancer, do we stop trying to prevent the flu?

      We all have our battles to fight. This fight is ours.

  7. What would be more helpful than going after Brodier who sells to distributors is to go after the stores that sell his product and then ‘hint’ at the other uses for it other than incense. But u take the easy way out instead of more logical

  8. This piece of garbage is no longer on the youth athletic association. There is a fine line with the legality on what law enforcement can do. If there is a change in one strain of the chemical makeup of this trash, then what was illegal is now legal. What needs to happen is making the public aware of this predator.

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