Four Locations of Smoke-911 in Georgia Raided by DEA

We are extremely happy to see this news.  Smoke-911 has been on our radar for quite a while, and we are happy to say that one of To The Maximus Foundation members has been working closely with the authorities in this case.

This is the largest raid on a single chain of stores in Georgia for synthetic drugs.

Smoke-911 was selling drugs, drugs that have killed people, drugs that have made people extremely ill, and drugs that have caused people to become psychotic and dangerous.

You don’t have to be a user of a synthetic drug to be a victim of it.  On our Synthetic Marijuana Deaths page, you can find innocent victims of these drugs who were killed or murdered.

Selling synthetic drugs is NOT a victimless crime.

These drug dealers need to be taken down–wherever they are.

We applaud those who turned this store into the authorities, to the lawmakers who made the laws to put them out of business, and to the law enforcement community, especially the DEA, who made the raid on this store.  Right now, Georgia law doesn’t permit arresting the owners, but as soon as the synthetic drugs go through toxicology, they may be arrested.

Meanwhile, the authorities got something more valuable than arrests: business records.  With those records, the authorities can take down the distribution networks and shut down the manufacturing operations.

Federal search warrants were executed at four Smoke 911 shops located in Acworth, Roswell, Sandy Springs and Woodstock on Tuesday.

The warrants sought evidence related to synthetic marijuana and bath salts.

Federal and local law enforcement officers also searched the home of Michael T. Madlem, owner of the stores.

In addition, federal seizure warrants were executed for bank accounts of Madlem, Serena P. Burkard, and Mad Dog USA Enterprises, LLC.

While no arrests were made after the raid, investigators were still looking into the case.  There was, however, a customer that was arrested for synthetic drug possession outside of one of the stores.

Unfortunately, however, this is one small drop in a sea of synthetic death that has flooded our communities.  We have a lot of work to do, but each small victory is satisfying.


Federal agents raid Smoke 911 stores

Smoke 911

Federal agents raided several Smoke 911 shops across metro Atlanta on Tuesday.

Agents were looking for items related to synthetic marijuana and bath salts. No arrests were made Tuesday, but authorities seized bank accounts for store owners. Smoke 911, which operates several stories out of metro Atlanta advertises the sale of tobacco products.

Channel 2’s Tom Regan was at a Roswell Smoke 911 store on Holcomb Bridge Road that was raided Tuesday. In April, an 18-year-old was arrested after, police said, he was caught with synthetic marijuana from the same store.

After the arrest, an attorney for Smoke 911, which operates several stores in metro Atlanta, emailed a statement from the company about those allegations.

“Smoke 911 takes its responsibility to comply with the law very seriously, and intends to look into the allegations being reported by Channel 2,” Steve Sadow wrote. “If it is determined that any employee sold a substance with knowledge that it was banned under federal or Georgia law, that employee will be relieved of his/her duties.”



Four Locations of Smoke-911 in Georgia Raided by DEA — 13 Comments

  1. Had a friend in College (mom a life long Christian Scientist, which he ssoppuedly became, last I heard.) who through his research had access to some pretty pure pharmaceutical stuff.He always claimed that the original (often plant-based) drugs were usually better than “new and improved.”Seemed true in those days:Certainly chewing Coca leaves must have been a healthier habit than refined stuff, and recently had a stay at the hospital which luckily has an enlightened pain-management policy.Hard to imagine how morphine could be improved on, at least for me, but feel no “need” for it now that pain is gone.(Worry about living w/o non-steroidals from now on a bit tho, so if you have a post on a safe substitute for those, I would appreciate the tip.)

  2. I am good friends with Mike Madlem, and he is a stand up guy. He is a buisness man, a father, and a caring individual. Its too bad he linked up with a crazy gf like Serena who was the one who did all this bs. Smoke 911 is a store with a bad seed, not a bad store.

    • Let me tell you something, if Mike Madlem is such a stand up guy then why is he allowing employees to sell this stuff in his store? When he was told by federal authorities to get the stuff out of his store, believe me it should have been done. You will never convince me or any intelligent person that he is innocent with over $100,000 sitting in the back of his store. Also, you will never convince me or any intelligent person that he didn’t know that his girlfriend Serena Burkard was selling bath salts and synthetic marijuana out of her car, because he purchased it for resell. Don’t forget these are his businesses and the bank accounts belong to him first and foremost. The major profit in this organization goes to the owner not his manager/girlfriend. She is just taking the fall for him (the scum bag) and I bet he doesn’t want anymore contact with her does he? Investigations will prove that he is the funder for everything and is completely aware of what is going on! How much was funded to you for your stand up speech?

    • Yup! We hang with a whole bunch of proud “scum snitch asses.” You need to know we are out there, all over the place.

      Of course, “scum snitch ass” beats “psychotic and dangerous,” or “merchant of death” every time–not only on our own private list, but on the list of successful people all over the world.

      Maybe you should come over from the dark side and join us? You are already reading our blog. That’s a start!

      Here’s to all the “scum snitch asses”! May we all be one!

  3. have the stores been close down?, what will happen as a result of this… It seems that the only person who was arrested was one of the so called victims being sold this synthetic filth that ironically is often more dangerous than other illicit drugs. What I’m getting at is just another posturing move by the DEA or are we actually going to see any results.

    • JB, we believe that the synthetic drug products were sent to the lab. The authorities will have to wait for the results of the tests to determine if the chemicals used were included in state or federal legislation. However, Georgia Pharmacy Board recently passed an emergency order giving authorities the power to seize those drugs, whether or not the chemicals are illegal.

  4. Bs about the attorneys statement. I was right there in the Roswell store when the attorney called and told the guy behind the counter to remove the stock. I know this because he told a few of the ‘kids’ in front of me. Sucks because I roll my own cigarettes and now I have to buy crappy Top tobacco for now.

  5. Thanks “F” i needed a good laugh tonight , I concur with what Karen says, And the ones of us here in Georgia get to wave goodbye to one more Merchant of Death and Narco-Terrorist. I am sure the DEA and local LEO’s will make good use of the money they seized,

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