Convicted Drug Dealer heads Foundation for Drug-Addicted

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We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried!

Drew  Green along with eight others and Curios Goods, LLC were charged in a 16 count indictment with conspiracy to distribute synthetic drugs, conspiracy to introduce misbranded drugs into interstate commerce, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and various money laundering charges.

Named in the indictment as defendants along with Curious Goods LLC are Alexander Derrick Reece, 40 of Gainesville, Fla.; Drew T. Green, 38 of Roswell, Ga.; Thomas William Malone, Jr., 45 of Roswell, Ga.; Boyd Anthony Barrow, 43 of Canton, Ga.; Joshua Espinoza, 49 of Marietta, Ga.; Richard Joseph Buswell, 44 of Lafayette, La.; Daniel James Stanford, 54 of Lafayette, La.; Daniel Paul Francis, 42 of Dawsonville, Ga.; and Barry L. Domingue, 52 of Carencro, La.

Green, convicted drug dealer, is the founder and president of The Pam Green Foundation, a non-profit organization that “helps” drug abusers.  The Foundation’s goal was also to “fund research into various research chemicals.”

“Research Chemicals” is a well-known pseudonym for synthetic drugs.

Oh, it gets better.

Drew T. Green

Green also created a drug cartel, a.k.a. “trade association” for synthetic drug dealers, known as “The Coalition for Cognitive Liberty.” Everyone that’s ever known someone addicted to synthetic drugs will attest to the fact that they have lost every bit of “cognitive liberty” they had.

The Coalition was formed to protect the rights of businesses in the incense industry. The government seeks to regulate or ban incense products, the Coalition for Cognitive Liberty seeks to stop them.”

On September 4, 2012, nine men, including Drew T. Green and Tommy Malone Jr., were indicted on numerous charges, including racketeering, money laundering, conspiracy and drug trafficking.  Two “Pam Green Foundation” board members, Malone and Daniel Paul Francis, were among those included in that indictment.

Green and Malone have pleaded guilty to Conspiracy and violating the Drug Abuse and Prevention of a Controlled Substance Act.   It should be noted that these charges were based on the Federal Analogue Act.  The accused crimes occurred before the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012 was signed into law in July and the chemicals detected in tests were not of those banned by the DEA in March of 2011.

This means that the chemicals found by authorities to have been sold by these men are considered to be analogues of those banned, and fall under the Federal Analogue Act for 1)being structurally similar, 2)having the same effect on the central nervous system,  and 3) intended for human consumption.

Tommy Malone Jr.

The sentencing hearing for Green and Malone, has been set for January 17, 2013, 09:00 AM at U. S. Court House, 800 Lafayette St., Lafayette, LA before Judge Elizabeth Foote (337) 593-5000.  It is very important that these men face the full force of the law in order to discourage other would-be entrepreneurs.

See the original unsealed indictment here: Synthetic Pot Indictment.

Francis was President of his own drug cartel/”Trade Association,” known as the Retail Compliance Association (RCA), which is included in the federal indictment against Green and his associates.

“…RCA seeks regulations over any ban. Banning these compounds will continue to embarrass legislators and be ineffective in managing these emerging issues. I believe the ability of states or federal agencies to use the Analogue or Homolog Acts will be impaired, they will have to acknowledge that they are discriminating in enforcing the law if any attempt at an Analogue Act prosecution is made” stated Francis.

Boy was he wrong!

Green and Malone are also managing directors of The Dungeon Family and 13 Black, a hip hop recording label (whose website is conveniently under construction while they presumably remove all references to Green and Malone), best known for music artists, Cee Lo Green, Sleepy Brown, OUTKAST, Big Rube, Backbone, Witchdoctor, CoolBreeze, Andre 3000, Big Boi, and Goody Mob.

This case had significance tous for many reasons.

You may remember that Dakota Blaze Dyer tragically took his life after ingesting a synthetic marijuana product called “Mr. Miyagi” on March 10, 2012.  Nutrogenomics, of which Drew Green is the sole operator,  manufactured that product.

Additionally, the indictment included two attorneys, Daniel James Stanford and Barry L. Domingue, who advised, trained and instructed some of those indicted on how to store, display and sell “Mr. Miyaji” products, how to detect and evade law enforcement, and how to respond to customer’s questions about how to use the product without getting themselves into legal hot water.

Communications between a client and his attorney regarding future crimes are not protected under the “attorney-client privilege.”

The To the Maximus Foundation couldn’t be happier that the attorneys who involve themselves in these grey areas of the law will be held accountable.  Believe it or not, there are several law firms that actually advertise that they  advise drug dealers on how to avoid prosecution.  Hopefully other prosecutors will follow suit and bring these wayward officers of the court to justice.

Nutragenomics was also sued by the state of West Virginia in April of 2012 and ordered to stop selling or advertising it’s synthetic drug products to anyone in the state of West Virginia.

“Deceptive marketing that conceals their illegality along with increasing abuse has made synthetic drugs a bane of drug regulators everywhere and West Virginians deserve to know the truth about the dangers of these harmful chemicals as we work to eliminate them,” West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw said.

On a side note, it probably won’t be too surprising to most of you that Green is also a “managing partner” of Vixen Rivalry, LLC., a social networking site that “promotes and manages models and exotic dancers.” He also is the CEO of Nature’s Euphoria, which markets an “all natural brand product that increases sex drive.”

Alrighty then!

Malone is currently CEO and CFO of Natures Uphoria. He was former CFO and CMO of Nature Science and DGTM Management, two more companies that Drew Green founded. And, Malone is also President of True Vertical and Bottom Line Marketing, both marketing companies.



Convicted Drug Dealer heads Foundation for Drug-Addicted — 3 Comments

  1. What disappoints me is that both Green and Malone are members of an anonymous program. . .Mr. Malone attended meetings with me all the time. . claiming years of “sobriety”. . .It is sad that they have tarnish the meeting hall that we all attend to save our lives. I remember the cars, the company vehicle that would sit in the parking lot with scantily clothed women on the back and side for advertisement. This also makes it sad because some of the people that they would employ would be innocent people trying to seek recovery as well. I will continue to pray for everyone, including those who caused harm. the principles of our anonymous program is to help and give back. I pray that this shakes up anyone trying to “come up” off the the backs of the innocent.
    The email and name associated is NOT true or correct.

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