Man Beaten to Death with Baseball Bat, Son and Wife in Critical Condition, Another Son Charged After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

We are very sad to report another death related directly to synthetic marijuana.

Robert Cipriano, 52, a Business Manager for Dearborne, MI schools was attacked with a baseball bat in the early hours.  His wife and 17 year-old son were also attacked and remain in critical condition.  Their 19-year-old son, Tucker, has been charged with the crime.

He was high on synthetic marijuana.

Please pray for this family, for this community, and for the recovery of Rose and Sal Cipriano.

Also, please pray for Tucker.  He is a victim of this terrible drug as well.

We ask those who are sad and angry and anguished at this senseless death to direct your energies positively.  Spend your time and effort eliminating this terrible drug from the stores, the internet, and from being manufactured.

We must make sure synthetic marijuana is difficult to obtain.  We must make sure that synthetic marijuana dealers and manufacturers are held responsible.  We must make sure that politicians and celebrities get behind this fight.

These are dangerous substances that must be made illegal.


Sources: Charges Unlikely Tuesday in Cipriano Murder

Both mom and brother remain in critical condition

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WJBK) — Sources tell FOX 2’s Amy Andrews that charges against a man suspected of beating his own father to death with a baseball bat are “highly unlikely” to come on Tuesday due to the complexity of the case.

Early Monday, police say Tucker Cipriano, 19, and a 20-year-old friend broke into his parent’s Farmington Hills home to possibly steal money. From there, police say an altercation unfolded inside. When police went inside the Cipriano home, they found a violent scene. Bob Cipriano was beaten to death.His wife, Rose, and 17-year-old Sal Cipriano were also severely beaten. Sal’s twin brother managed to hide and dial 911. Their eight-year-old sister, Isabella, managed to open the door for police when they arrived.

“She’s actually a hero and was very brave to be able to come to the door and open it for the officers,” said Farmington Hills Police Chief Chuck Nebus.

Andrews reports both Rose and Sal remain in critical condition at Botsford Hospital Tuesday morning.

Tucker’s friend Ian Zinderman told FOX 2’s Amy Lange that he had been with the men before the break-in while they were getting high on K2, or synthetic marijuana, around 7 p.m. Sunday.

“They were really, really stoned. I was surprised that they could even function,” he said.

Tucker was able to flee the scene and was eventually arrested at an acquaintance’s home in Keego Harbor.

Members of St. Fabian, the family’s church, held a vigil to remember Bob and pray for his family on Monday night.


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