About Karen Dobner

Karen Dobner

Karen Dobner is an internationally known advocate against synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs.

She tragically lost her son, Max Dobner, to synthetic marijuana in June 2011.

Karen Dobner then began, almost immediately, to form To The Maximus Foundation (named for her son) in order to educate others against the dangers of synthetic drugs to prevent another family from experiencing the pain she experienced.

She has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS Chicago, NBC Chicago, ABC Chicago, Fox News, CNBC’s “Crime Inc.,” NHK–Japan’s National Broadcasting Network, Canadian Broadcasting Channel and been the keynote speaker at various educational and synthetic drug forums.

She has also been interviewed as an expert on synthetic marijuana by The Daily News, The Beacon News, The Herald  The Chicago Tribune, New Times Weekly, WOCB Radio, Webtalk Radio Chicago, WBBM Chicago Radio and many more.

She has been instrumental in Synthetic Drug laws in Illinois and other states, she works with law enforcement, schools, other non-profit organizations, and businesses to save communities from dangers of synthetic drugs.

Karen has a BA degree from University of Illinois, Chicago in Marketing and Management.

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