What We Do

Accomplishments of the To the Maximus Foundation

  • Picket stores that sell synthetic drugs
  • Advocated for the first ban on synthetic drugs in the Chicagoland area, which occurred in Aurora, IL in September 2011.   We then took our crusade to the neighboring cities and towns.  Eventually, we were able to get the city of Chicago to ban the sale of synthetic drugs in retail stores.  There were several dozen local bans before the Illinois’ ban went into effect on January 1, 2012.  We also advocated for new legislation to compliment the Jan. 1 ban, which passed the Illinois legislature on May 30.  We are now promoting this legislation to other states.
  • Work with local, state and federal law enforcement to aid in the identification of manufacturers through research and reporting.
  • Participated in the Illinois Emergency Summit for Synthetic Drug Use, which was organized by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.  TTM President, Karen Dobner, was the key note speaker.
  • Speak at parent forums and other parent events in the Chicago area.
  • Educate teens at schools in the Chicago area.
  • Produce literature, such as our To The Maximus Pamphlet.
  • Maintain a website with information to educate the general public about the dangers of synthetic drugs.  We provide resources to those who do not know what synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs are.
  • Maintain a close network of parent groups, non-profit organizations, and law enforcement personnel who help keep us informed about the latest trends.
  • Maintain a blog, which is the only national source of news solely for synthetic drugs.  Our blog provides general information in addition to more in-depth, scientific, or legal information about synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs with criminal, scientific, legislative, and general news.  It alson contains a and a list of synthetic drug laws state by state.
  • Maintain a Facebook group and a Facebook page for those looking to have dialogue.
  • Maintain a Twitter account to promote our news stories, blog articles, information, and facebook page.

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