Synthetic Drug Testimonials

These are testimonials from those who have done synthetic drugs and survived, or who are close to those who have survived.  They are taken from e-mails and facebook messages To The Maximus Foundation has received.

If you have a testimonial, you may add it to this page in comments, and we will post it anonymously.


Reading these makes me feel less alone in my experiences with this drug. I was addicted off and on for almost 3 years in the midst of experimenting with acid, pills, shrooms, coke, triple c’s, dmt, pcp, ex, mescalin, etc, as well as having an eating disorder and mental issues. I’ll start from the beginning…

I can remember the first time I tried it. I was 17 and I was halfway through my senior year of hs, and this was in 2010. My ex had a blunt of blueberry K2, one of the first brands that came out. He said it was powerful and to hit it lightly, and I took one hit and couldn’t move out of the seat. I loved how fucked up it made me and preferred it to pot because it was different and risky. He got me two bags and a bowl for christmas and I began smoking it after school. I already was kind of an angry person, but anything negative about my mind got worse. I became more angry and pessimistic and spiraled into a depression as I continued to smoke. My best friend stopped talking to me as it became the only thing that I looked to for fun. The relationship with my parents worsened and they kicked me out in August of 2011. I was forced to move in with my at the time boyfriend. We both had overnight shelf stocking jobs at walmart and hastily moved into an overpriced and windowless apartment (which was also legitimately haunted, but that’s another story). This is where my addiction really took off. I started smoking with my boyfriend all day to cope with living on our own and working in a shit job and living in a shit apartment. I didn’t do anything because I was so exhausted from working the night shift. We never went outside, never went out, never drank, just smoked spice and pot. It was easier that way. Our friends began to “disappear” as we stopped caring about replying to texts in a timely manner. We were experimenting with everything besides heroine and meth. I loved smoking spice when I would pop a vyvanse because it made the high so much better. I basically had the mentality that I wouldn’t live past 19 and wanted to die. We would stay up for days at a time and not eat a bite of food and just keep doing drugs.
I remember having what I thought was my first panic attack on this shit. My vision started changing and I couldn’t understand what was going on around me. After doing a little research I now realize that this was probably my brain hemorrhaging. Besides general anxiety/heart palpitations/headaches/paranoia, this seemed like a typical thing and I didn’t care. We would smoke grams at a time, and we would only hang out with people who would perpetuate the addiction because that is all we could think about. Walmart cut my hours to 2 days a week and my boyfriend became the provider and was mostly paying our rent himself. We would do sweeps of our apartment to look for crumbs of pot or spice that people had dropped and pack it into a bowl and smoke it. We also would boil my bowl in a pot and collect the spice resin that would float to the top and smoke that….. There was mold in the sink and dishes that had been sitting for months with flies on them and we continued to live this way. Finally I decided to apply to college and got unexpectedly accepted near the end of our one year lease. That entire year is a blur and I’ll never get it back. We quit before I left and had horrible withdrawals. I had a heart attack at 19 after taking a hit of pot.
I now have permanent health damage that was not there even when I had my eating disorder. I am totally recovered from any drug addiction and eating disorders, but I cannot comfortably smoke pot anymore. I have terrible anxiety that never was there and it is debilitating. I feel like I have ADD to the max sometimes and I can’t follow conversation fluidly. I feel like they’re speaking another language and I can’t pinpoint why someone is laughing or why someone said this. My heart and kidneys are damaged, I have trouble digesting food well, and I feel like my eyes look creepy and fucked up even though I hardly do anything as far as drugs go anymore. I am afraid as to how this will affect me when I start working towards my degree. I forget things easily and have to make lists. My ex boyfriend is now similar in that he leaves his things everywhere and forgets constantly. Sometimes he trails off and stares into the distance. A lot of the time I feel like I’m underwater and my senses are dulled and I can’t connect with reality. I used to feel emotion so deeply and now it seems like it is all dulled. Please do not smoke this shit. It causes your brain to swell (spice headaches) and this causes brain damage. It is more addicting than anything I have ever done and I have seen too many people change because of it. It’s hard for me to do daily things when I’ll get distracted for hours and not realize time has passed.

tothemaximusblogDear Karen,  First’allow Me to express My deepest sympathy for the loss of Your Son . I found Your website after I was released from a hospital I was admitted to in Dallas Texas after I nearly DIED as the result of about a year of abusing synthetic weed .Let Me ASSURE ANYONE that reads this ,THAT substance AINT WEED.It is a KILLER of human being’s.I stopped smoking ciggarett’s in 2008 and after a few month’s My lung’ Improved and after a couple of year’s smoke free I was near normal .Fast forward 2013. Now I have permanant lung damage. COPD They call it.Every Four Hours I MUST take a breatheing treatment and if I do not or my medicine run’s out I go to the emergency room .It is that, or I suffocate.Sound like recreation to Anyone out there?

Let’s continue.  Before I Stumbled into that stuff ,I was working as a maintenance technician at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment center (A Job I Loved Very much Let Me Add)That I sobered – Up in In 2003.I had It Made .My Future Was laid Out And very Clear to me .NOT ANYMORE. I am on permanant disability .I live At my Mother’s House. And I cant get far from this Machine, Because My lung’s may Go into distress suffocating Me without warning , sending me to the Hospital.My Doctor Tells Me My COPD is the worst case He has seen .My lung’s Have Scars On them.I relapsed on that crap at 10 Years sober . Damned shamed I missed My chip by a day.I am sober now and looking back I just did not see any of this coming and I do not know how to warn the authorities that they MUST STOP THAT MADNESS continuing to stay on the Market.Two week’s ago the Fed’s Pulled it out Of the stores around here,Only to Have it back A couple of Day’s Ago.My Group Keep”s -Up with what is Going on with it Because more and more We see The Young People coming in tore- up from it.Like I said I am now sober but the damage is done for Me.I cant believe it is back in less than 2 weeks .The government should Listen to People Like ME.THEY and the tax- paying people are now having to help me just to live.I feel Guilty being a burden to society like this but My only alternative would be to die. So I hope this Helps Someone. My phone # is XXXXXXXXXX. Please Email Me Or call me to let Me know this effort to help did not Go unnoticed.I would love to stand in front of the politician’s with this mask on and let them tell Me THEY CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.They arrested me at 14 year’s old For A roach (of real weed),So I know better!I will pack this thing -up ( the Breathing Machine)and travel anywhere if it help’s.

Thank Yall ( That is a word in Texas) For all of your effort’s, Karen.

tothemaximusblogI just got over a Spice addiction myself. I had to go to the hospital, I came very close to losing my life, my organs almost shut down. This was 4 moths ago and my recovery is still ongoing. I live in Colorado and there are a lot of people dying from Spice out here. My goal is to raise awareness. It’s great to see others doing the same. I’m so sorry for your loss, God bless you.


hi, this is my spice trip experience, this happened at least 8 months ago, and i still feel some effects. so the story begins with me making a homemade bong, i had no weed, but my friend alex had given me some spice, so that day, my mom and sister went to the mall, i decided i was going to smoke some spice and watch pirates of the caribbean 2. so as soon as my mom and sister left, i proceeded to get the bong and spice out of my closet, i then went out to my back porch and took to big bong rip of spice, i held each hit in for about 5 seconds, and 1 minute after the second rip, i knew i had no control, i barely could walk! but i managed to walk inside and back to my room where i needed to put the spice and bong away in my closet, but the bong still had water in it, so i hid the spice and stumbled to my bathroom, this is where it got scary for me, i went to dump out the bong water in the sink but instead i fell to the ground landing on the back of my head, but it felt like it took me 30 minutes just to hit the ground, and then i went unconscious, or blind (idk) but i remember feeling like i was on one of those rides at a fair where you rock back and fourth, usually like a pirate ship or something, but i felt every time i rocked in the boat i was getting closer to death, and i kept thinking that i was going to be like this forever, and i didn’t know if i was dead or in a coma, and i kept telling myself, “you’re going to be ok, you’re fine, then i would her myself say your not ok, your not going to be fine.” and this repeated what felt like 100 times, after that i then thought about my family and how i could’ve done so much more in my life, i’m 15 btw, but anyways, i started begging god for forgiveness and asking him to please let me come out of this trip and for this to be over, i begged for his forgiveness, then i felt my dog liking on my face, i had woken up, and i didn’t know what time it was. I thought that the trip was over, but i was way off, i then proceeded to stand up, which was a struggle, then i fell.
lt the back of my head and i thought i had cracked my skull open, and i thought i had internal bleeding or something,so i stumbled into my living room looking for a phone, i knew i had to call my mom, so i finally found the phone and then try to call my mom, i took a long time to dial the number, but i finally did and i was glad, then i told my mom to rush home and that i needed to go to the hospital, so when my mom and sister got home 15 minutes later i was super scared and told my mom to call 911, this is where i pass out and wake up in the glendale emergency room, with all kinds of machines hooked up to me, anyways, my mom said that my head was fine and the doctor said i was ok. but after i left the hospital i still felt like total shit. when i got home i didn’t feel anymore effects. but about a week or so later i started having nightmares about the trip and thinking about how scary that was for me, i have a completely different perspective on life now, and i have bad anxiety, anyways, i’m greyson and that was my spice experience.tothemaximusblog

Today marks eight days since my first experience with synthetic drugs.

I turned 21 last week. My sister was coming in to town for the weekend to celebrate with me. I got sick the day of my birthday, but got past the fever and sore throat by the time she arrived. We went out Thursday night, but the scene was dead so after a few drinks, we headed back home. My friend had given me a marijuana joint as a gift for my birthday. I had tried marijuana once before when I was in 8th grade, but hadn’t smoked since. My sister moved to California to continue her studies after college and had her first experience with marijuana there. We had talked about trying it together for my 21st and we were excited when we were able to score some from my trusted friend. We decided to smoke my birthday joint that night. I felt fine. Like I felt when I did it in 8th grade. I was relaxed, time was moving slow, and everything was a little funnier, but overall very chill. My sister had the same experience.

Perhaps it is because we are not regular marijuana smokers but we felt that the high was suppose to be different and that we hadn’t had enough. We decided we wanted to score some more. My roommate had been smoking marijuana for a couple weeks in her room because I could smell it in the hallway and the bathroom. I talked to her about buying some pot for us because I told her I trusted her and new she had more experience with marijuana. We explained to her our fear of getting something that was laced and that we knew she would hook it up with safe stuff. She agreed with us and told us her dealer was a student who she had been buying from for a while and that he was professional and trustworthy. I gave her $20 for 1 gram.

She got back later that day and said she was would break it up for us. As she was breaking it up and taking out “stems”, she was saying things like “he really hooked it up for your birthday” and “this is good stuff, it’s sticky, smell it. ” Knowing nothing about the drug world, I stupidly agreed and thanked her. The plan for that night was to get ready to go out to the clubs and take two hits before leaving. My sister was ready before I was and I told her to go ahead and light up, that she didn’t have to wait for me. So she took a hit, and then another, and then another. She looked like an addict taking hit of meth or something. And remember, we are not drug users at all. We barely even drink. I figured she was just behaving like this because she was so excited to experience marijuana and get “really high” rather than just feel relaxed, chill, and hungry.

By the time I was ready to leave, my sister apologized to me and my other roommate (not the one that had gotten us this trash) and said she could not go out in public in her state. She told us how she felt she had no control over what she was saying or what she was doing. She said, “people down play marijuana. This stuff is real. Don’t do it.” As she was saying it she was giggling and it didn’t seem scary. I thought: “Well, there goes my night. My sister is already too high to function! If you can’t beat them, join them!” I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my sister alone. We decided we would just stay in, order pizza and be Snoop Dogg high for the night. The pizza got there and before eating I took two hits. I was starting to feel light headed and goofy. I remember I was dancing in my seat. I was making weird hand gestures and then laughing. I was just being really effing crazy. My roommate wanted to “get to our level” and decided she would try some. So we started a circle and my sister and I took more hits. My roommate tried several times, but I really don’t think she was doing it right because she wouldn’t cough and I didn’t see any smoke when she would blow it out. So, really, I don’t know if she just swallowed it or where that smoke went LOL. Anyways, we returned to the kitchen table and that’s when the most bizarre experience of my life began.

I sat down and then I said, “I need to digest!” I got out of my seat and started dancing. Apparently, my eyes were open through out this whole experience, but I felt like I was dreaming. As I was dancing, I turned into purple static against a black frame. It was like I was a purple static entity floating in outer space. I was wearing a dress and my hair was really long, but I was entirely composed of purple static. I was twirling really fast and flashing. I even heard music (no music was playing) I felt so incredibly euphoric, excited, free, extraordinary, all around fantastic. Then, somehow my brain realized that this wasn’t normal; that marijuana doesn’t turn you into a purple static, free-flying princess (or maybe it does, idk?). I went from feeling complete joy to feeling complete terror. All of a sudden I begin to fear for my life. I don’t know where I am, who I am, or what I am doing. I don’t even think I am human. I wanted so badly to be comforted and protected by my family, but I didn’t know if I had one or where to find them. I didn’t know who my sister was or what was happening to me. I began to cry and ask for help. My sister grabbed me tightly and told me that I was okay. She explained to me that I had smoked marijuana and that I was really high. I felt like I was screaming while I was talking, but my sister told me I was speaking really softly and slowly.  Everything was bizarre around me. Time was irrelevant. I felt a weird lag in life. Like things would happen, but they would be processed visually first, and then a few seconds later I would realize, “Oh, they walked me to the bathroom” or “Oh, she is giving me water.” Very strange. I told them to not leave me alone or let me fall asleep because I wasn’t sure what I would do. I thought I might black out again, but instead of dancing in outerspace, I would grad a knife and kill them or get on the roof and go head first into the concrete. I envisioned hanging myself at the front of the house. I remember thinking: “!
What if my heart stops? What if I panic again and they have to take me to the hospital? What if I go back to that place where I have no control of what I’m doing or who I am? I will loose everything. No more med school. No more research. My parents will be so disappointed, go into a deep depression and die.” I think that outwardly I would start to look panicky again when I would have these thoughts because my sister would start to remind me of my life and what I had done just before I felt like I would lose it again. This continued for about 4 hours. Finally, I felt my memory span was lasting a more than 3 seconds and I started to feel a little bit better. I fell asleep. My sister fell asleep. My roommate fell asleep. And it was done, I had survived and I didn’t have to be taken to the hospital.

The next day I felt like all synaptic transmission in my brain was obsolete. I was tired and literally I had no thoughts. Nothing. My mind was absolutely blank. Things still felt really strange. My sister and I went for a walk that evening, and I remember being amazed by the concrete. Like it was moving up towards me. But, I also felt very sad. I felt scared and lonely. Even though I had my sister there, I knew she would be getting on a plane back to California the next morning and I didn’t know if I could be alone.

I shared my experience with my friend that had given me a birthday joint. She said,  “Did you feel like that with what I gave you?” I said, “No way!” She came over and took a look at it. She said, “I hate to tell you, but you smoked spice. That is not marijuana.” I couldn’t believe it. I did not want to believe that my roommate would listen to me tell her I trusted her and we wanted safe, normal marijuana and still go out and buy this poison and give it to me AND put on an entire show about it. She can’t tell me she didn’t know what she was buying because she has been smoking marijuana for years! And now that I think about it, when I mentioned to her that my other roommate (her friend for years) had tried it with us she was absolutely shocked. She genuinely thought that my other roommate wouldn’t try it. I think that she told her the truth of what she had given me because the energy in the house completely shifted.

Tuesday night I got back home from studying kind of late. I go to sit in the living room and my roommate (the one that gave me this crap) comes out looking like a combination of pissed/sad/in desperation. She grabs her jacket and drives off the fastest I have ever seen anyone drive. She comes back 10 mins later and locks herself in her room. That night I realized that this person has deep rooted issues that she is handling in the wrong way. If she was capable of giving me something that could of killed me, who knows what she will do under the influence of whatever it is she is on.  I made the decision to crash at a friend’s dorm for the rest of the week and won’t be returning to that house.

Well, I’m alive. I’m recovering and I think I will be okay. Never in my life will I risk all of my dreams, my goals, and my LIFE just to experience what it is like to be high. I wanted to share my experience with others so that A) more people are aware of how dangerous synthetic drugs are B) we realize that anyone can lie to you and give you fake stuff especially if you are not familiar with drugs C) I could re-account for the millionth time my experience and fully process it.  I found this website after having this horrible experience and I am very grateful for it. I think that most people discover this awareness campaign after the fact which makes me a little sad, but hopefully at the very least my story brings comfort to others like the stories that I read on here brought to me. We are not alone in our experiences and we all survived for a reason.  God bless! Stay safe and stay clean!

Ps. I apologize if portions of this don’t make sense, I tried to go back and edit as many times as I could, but my brain is still recovering guys 😛


Okay so I have 1 and a 1/2 cones of this legal called kryptonite which was mixed in a cone with weed which I didnt even know about and I smoke weed so i hit it but stopped after 1 and a half because I started feeling weird and at first my heart started beating really fast and I felt like I just needed to run, So I started running to my friends house and the whole time seeing about 4 ways of what i was doing acting out in my vision like 4 tv screens and someone was controlling my life and I thought everything like cars,murderers,  trucks even myself falling over was going to kill me I had this over whelming fear I was going to die that night and I could see it happening in the screens and I already has a big phobia of death so this was torture for me. Anyway as i got half-way to my friends there was a voice in my head was like “Why the fuck didn’t you run home? you have 3 dogs at home, go home” and me like “i cant go back now” anyway I did and I had to walk past the guy (mutual friend of a friend) who gave it to me and my mind was just yelling exactly what this was doing to me and I couldn’t control it i was just screaming my lungs out at him like “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?, ITS MAKING ME FEEL LIKE I’M GOING TO DIE, I CAN SEE MYSELF DYING OR KILLING MYSELF, EVERYTHING IS TRYING TO KILL ME EVEN MYSELF”and he was just like “nah its a bad trip man” and I ran home and drunk like 5 bottles of water and got rid of the trip but had a killer head ache afterwards. I can’t even describe how it was because It felt like i was in a dream. I don’t even feel like I was yelling at him or any of it happened but i know it did, Everytime I’ve done legals which has been like 3 times because they’re f*****g terrible fake shit and your body feels its bad for you, has just given me no buzz and a headache and this acting makes me feel like i was insane like clinically insane, It was like someone controlling me I couldn’t even feel my body or when i was running i kept feeling like i was already dead. Why is weed still legalized when this shit gives you psychotic episodes? Worst life experience ever.bar1

I am a former user and former addict of synthetic marijauna. I became hooked on synthetic marijuana while on probation. I used it to get high and still beat drug tests. I thought I was so smart,but I was sadly mistaken. I went from a gram or less a day to over 3 or 4 a day. As my addiction progressed my ability to control basic behaviors and motor skills deteriorated. I began to become more aggressive when I became upset,which became more and more frequent the more and longer I used. One morning I eventually had a psychotic episode on which I blacked out and almost killed my wife. By the grace of God I didn’t and she was able to get to help. I was arrested and my probation was revoked. I got a much lighter and shorter amount of time in prison than what I should have gotten. I chose to turn my life around,and educate myself on addiction and recovery. A lot of good people helped me to get headed in the right direction. God being my main guide and refuge. Educational material on synthetic marijuana was limited while I was in prison. Since being released I have done a lot of research on the effects and dangers of synthetic marijuana. I also share my experience with others to help encourage them to either not try or to quit using synthetic marijuana. I thank God every day that my wife is alive and that I am too. I pray that this junk will one day disappear completely from this world.


Smoked this stuff for probably about a year all together, all day everyday. I never had any serious issues, a few times a got too high and freaked out a little or saw things or got paranoid but I never considered calling 911 or anything like that. I guess I sort of liked the really intense highs too. A few times I got a throat infection and I developed a nasty cough but nothing really serious. I couldn’t stop though even when my throat was basically bleeding I would still smoke. I would smoke to go to sleep and to eat. When my best friend and I finally decided to stop it wasn’t too difficult for me and I didn’t really withdraw just craved it for a while.

It’s been a little more than a year now and since I’ve stopped I’ve just felt different. After reading all of these posts I am more convinced that the following is thanks to the spice I’ve always had a little anxiety but I started having this constant feeling of dread, sometimes my breathing would be weird and I would have a horrible feeling in my stomach. I started taking lexapro and that helped the dread and anxiety but when I stop taking it the feelings come back.

A couple times now I’ve had periods where I feel like I am like losing my mind or something. I feel like I’m losing touch with reality and if I don’t put effort in a concentrate I will go crazy. It freaks me out, it’s almost like how I felt when I was on the drug except minus being high so it’s scary.
I plan on starting therapy soon to see if they can shed any light on my situation. I’m scared because I feel like I may have screwed myself up permanently, there are no studies on spice I don’t know what damage I could have done and I’m scared ill eventually lose my mind or something. I wish I never touched this stuff.


Glad I found this site. I’m 32y.o & yesterday I saw a man purchase spice from my local tobacco shop. It piqued my interest & I bought some today – 3g for $65. I placed a small amount in a cigarette and inhaled. I expected a mellow high. After just two puffs, I experienced complete association from reality, body shakes, intense fear of death or insanity. I was seconds away from calling emergency. I thought I was going to die!! I also had hallucinations. I vowed to throw it all out if I survived. I had to sit, trapped in a bad trip hell for nearly 2 hours. It was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I threw the bag in the bin. That is some truly nasty, poisonous stuff!!! So grateful to have survived. People need to know about this stuff.




To those of you who have lost friends or family to this, I really, truly am sorry. I came across this site, because of the experience I just had tonight from the synthetic marijuana “rose”. A few hours ago my sister in law, and I smoked. It was literally by far the highest either of us have ever been!!! The experience we had was like no other we’ve ever felt. We’ve smoked many times together in the past, and experienced what we thought was a “good high”. Tonight, we made a pact that we will never smoke it again. I only took one hit. At first, everything seemed funny. We couldn’t stop laughing. My heart was racing fast enough, it felt I could have had a heart attack. She couldn’t stay still. I started seeing her as a scary old lady coming at me. (She reminded me of the old lady, Mary Shaw from the movie Dead Silence). That was the start of my “high gone bad”. I kept repeating over and over for her to stop moving around, and that she was freaking me out. She also looked like a marionette, the way she was bouncing around. She said she couldn’t stop. Then suddenly she fell straight to the floor. I got on the floor after her, begging her to get up. She just kept her face hidden, and was screaming. She said she was scared. She couldn’t tell what was real life and what wasn’t. I just kept telling her that everything was going to be okay , and that she needed to be strong enough to control it. I told her we were just high, and that it would go down soon. I begged her to get up so we could eat something to help bring the high down. I told her we needed to be around other people so that we could sober up quicker. In reality. I was just as scared as she was. I was terrified that I would be stuck like this forever, but I didn’t dare tell her that. It would have only freaked her out more. I finally talked her into getting up. When she sat up, the whole side of her face was covered in blood. There was a small puddle of blood where she laid on the floor. I started gaggingI can’t stand the sight of blood. I made her clean up her face. I splashed water on her and on myself. We tried to figure out where the blood was coming fromit was her ear. (She split the top of it in half. She definitely should get stitches, but she refuses to go the ER.) I suddenly felt myself slowly coming back. My heart rate was slowing down back to normal. I remembered being so high, that I thought to myself, “I’d rather be dead than feel like this!” I had an image in my head of my fiance shooting me, so I wouldn’t have to live my life like this. I’m assuming that’s probably the reason many others have taken their own lives after smoking this. Suddenly my sister in law looked at me, and said she just realized God is giving her another chance, a chance to stop smoking and be a better person. She cried for about an hour because she was so happy to be feeling normal again. After being high for what seemed like hours, we have decided that we’re done. I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to experience what we felt tonight. Luckily I’m not addicted like the many others I have read about on this website. Unfortunately, her dad, (my father in law), is very much addicted to this poison. He smokes about five bags a day when he can get the money for it. Not only that, but he’s also a pill addict as well. With a combination like this, we can only pray that he too will come to his senses soon. Again, I send my condolences to those of you who have lost loved ones to this. To those of you who have overcome it, please stay strong. Your life is worth so much more than a cheap high! Good Luck to you all!


im spending my first few hours of sobreity off spice it may be illegal but teens are making it in there back yards like meth they sell all the shit to do it online my organs ache im mentally damaged and i fear the damage that spice has done to my body my buddy matt had a massive seizure on it and i called an ambulance when he got back from the hospital all he wanted to do was get high i just got off the phone with him he said hes smoking a bowl right now and i said lets hang out until i came across this website i thought there was no bad side effects and as far as those panic attacks go i called them spice freak outs cause if you smoke to much then you have a full blown anxeity attack there pretty fuckin scary but theres something in spice that makes you crave the freakout its hard to explain but i appreciate this website it may save my life cause those are some scary but easy to relate to stories i just needed to see if there were any reported deaths and for the record i had planned my suicide last week and talked to my mom about it i dont have those feelings now but i feel they were linked to spizzle aka spice and to all the fams that lost loved ones i read all your stories and if it were not for them then my pic would most likely be going on that blog and who ever started this site i appreciate it my name is dallas im only 18 you just saved my life now i just need to show matt this site but if your using and u read this quit while you can



I heard all the hype about this compound sucastnbe and decided that I would try it out. I read reviews and say hey is legal and well why not. My wife and I sat down and decided it would be a good idea to try smoking the so called leagal weed. I took one hit from the stuff and immediately started feeling the effects. After about ten seconds my heart rate accelerated to a threatening level to where I stoped breathing and almost went into cardiac arrest. I told my wife to call 911 because I was starting to pass out. was then paralyzed and my wife reported unresponsive. I remember coming to and getting up trying to walk it off. This was one of the most painful things that I have experienced in my entire life. This stuff is poison and needs to be outlawed immediately. There is nothing natural about this. Just bad news get rid of it I almost died yesterday from smoking what they call Kush. Aka k2 .

I used Synthetic Marijuana for 5 years. ive been clean off it now 6 months.Im telling you my life is so much better now. While I was smoking this stuff all those years because I was on probation and didn’t want to fail a drug test. I became so depressed I hoped the stuff would kill me. I quit after I passed out while on it and woke up in the hospital. This stuff will kill you eventually. It took two years of smoking it before I even had a bad experience on it. But mark my words you smoke it for long enough you will have a bad trip. And im telling you its not fun at all. Ive been addicted to drugs since age 13 and Im 25 now. Ive done almost every drug in the book and the most terrifying drug experiences Ive had were on synthetic Marijuana. Please take it from me. This stuff is trash and should be banned. These people who make it don’t care at all if you die. Their the only ones who want it legal. The only people who think this stuff should be legal are the people getting the money. Look Im not the most anti drug person in the world at all. I believe Marijuana (Regular marijuana) should be legal. But these synthetic versions are so dangerous in my opinion and really I don’t know why anyone would continue to smoke it because when you really think about it the effects arent even pleasent. Most of the time theyre extremely intense and terrifying. Don’t do this stuff.


I have been a victim of this synthetic marijuana myself. Here are the facts from someone who smoked it first hand: To begin, the high is similar to marijuana (which I used to smoke in high school so I know the effects), but your tolerance increases incredibly quickly, making you smoke much more to be able to get the same effects. While I was on this stuff, I experienced the following symptoms: severe hallucinations, extreme paranoia, sleeplessness, suicidal thoughts, constant and never ending cravings, and constant feeling of worthlessness and lethargy. Here’s the part that news channel 11 didn’t cover, the withdrawal symptoms. These include extreme dysphoria, high fever (mine was 102 for 4 days), vomiting and nausea, restlessness, severe insomnia, and intense thoughts of self harm and suicide. Luckily enough, these withdrawals only last for about a week. I have been clean of the stuff for a little over a month and while I’m ashamed of the fact that I got addicted to this stuff, I’m sharing this information with you because I believe that people knowing the facts is more important than me hiding behind my shame. Mark my words when I say that people will die from this stuff. In reality, these are constantly changing experimental chemicals that no one truly knows the long term effects of. Quite frankly, I’m surprised I didn’t die and that my mental faculties are still intact. For those of you who smoke this, I beg of you, quit while you still can, before it claims your mind, or worse, your life. And for those of you who know people who smoke this stuff, do everything you can to get them professional help. This isn’t the kind of stuff you can quit cold turkey, at least I wasn’t able to anyway. I needed medication to help me out.

My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones to this sinister drug.. I’m from Australia and unfortunately the problem is also rife here in Oz.. My husband of 2 years is still alive after 18 months of using this drug but most days it feels as though he has died and sadly, most days I think if it would end all the sadness and suffering this drug causes, it may be easier to heal if he was.. I had 4 children and was divorced when I got together with my husband, who was once my brothers best friend. He was a wonderful man who took on my 4 children as his own and provided for them. I was utterly and totally in love and although I had had a rough time in my first marriage, I opened my heart to him. Things were wonderful for a couple of years and the kids still love him but about 18 months ago, not long after I fell pregnant with our first child together, he smoked this ‘legal’ drug to see what it was like. He had smoked real pot on and off previously and was always able to stop and just do it recreationally ( not that I condone this either) a condition of us getting together was that he didn’t smoke anymore and for the these first 2 years we were both gym fanatics- he was in peak physical condition! Fast forward these last 18 months, we just had to sell our family home and I’m facing being a single parent again to 5 children.. This drug has taken hold and he has a full blown addiction. We have not a cent in the bank and he has wasted $12000.00 since July smoking this poison. I beg him daily, have gone to dr appts with him, taken him to detox ( when we got there he wouldn’t go in as he doesn’t see himself like ‘those’ people) he has so far kept his job ( which pays up to $1500 a week after tax so we should actually be quite well off) but he has just had the last 2 weeks off to smoke more so won’t be long til that’s gone too. I’ve been supportive but now feel the kids and I ( our gorgeous daughter will be 1 in 5 weeks!) are in danger around him. He dropped her on her head yesterday, is aggressive when not stoned and has threatened to harm me and the kids if I refuse to give him money ( I don’t have!) for this stuff. He has been taken to hospital twice in psychotic states and has turned a sickly shade of yellow which I can only put down to liver damage ( he doesn’t drink at all!) he has been up vomiting for 3 – 4 hrs most nights this week from about 1am so he is either getting VERY ill or is that addicted his body goes into withdrawals when he’s not smoking because he’s asleep.. This synthetic ‘marijuana’ is NOTHING like marijuana so please don’t be fooled by the name.. I fear it may be too late to save him or our marriage but hopefully someone thinking about trying it reads this and thinks twice

i have about 10 people in my life addicted to this horrible stuff and they all have the same problems anger/physcosis episodes, severe abdominal pain and digestive problems, & browing of the teeth. people are selling valuable things for $7-15 dollars just to get it- my brother smoked this stuff when he was on parole and said thar the cravings for this DRUG were worse than cravings for heroine or methamphetamines it has broken whats left of my family apart this stuff needs to be gone ots terrible my uncle even threatened to kill my grandparents when he smoked something has to be done!!!

i felt like i was always in a dream,and i always have that feeling a “bad trip” is about to happen,but it never does,i always feel like im out of my body,but when i day dream,my thoughts are so vivid its unreal and not even in a bad way…and for example,after i smoked i saw a water bottle laying on my floor and i got so mad at it because it was’ent in the place where i set it that i threw it and nearly started to have a mental break down.  i think the most scariest thought is losing touch with reality mentally, because once you reach that moment its like you never come back..but slowly and gradually i recovered

My son has been suffering terribly for almost a year and a half now.  When he was smoking it back before this he was angry and impatient and that is so not his personality.   At first it was physical, he could barely move. He had body aches and head pain. Then he began holding his breath. Then he had hallucinations and voices continually. He still holds his breath to breathe sometimes and relieve what he calls pressure in his head. The voices are less now but he has a hard time thinking to connect things and he says he has amnesia and can’t find himself. There has also been anxiety and some paranoia.

I used to smoke synthetic pot. The last time i did it is something i will never be able to forget. I was hearing voices in my head, & they were telling me they were going to get me and kill myself. I was in my bathroom & i sat on the floor. My heart was beating so fast i didnt think i could keep up with it. I started seeing black spots & heard a ticking noise, like a clock. The voice in my head told me to turn the water on in the bathtub, so i did. It told me to take my clothes off and get in, so i did. When i got in, the voice told me to turn around & taste the water, & i felt my body being pulled down. It wanted me to drown myself. I remember getting out & sitting on the floor bawling. When i looked around, an image would stay stuck in my head. If i looked at the wall & turned, the wall would be in front of me even if it wasnt really there. I called my sister & told her i was going to die. The voice told me it was goin to get me to die & told me to slit my wrists with a razor. I went upstairs & collapsed by my door, & it was tellin me to strangle myself. My sister ran upstairs to see what was going on, & i told her to feel my pulse. She did & she told me it was normal, but her eyes were wide with horror so i knew she was lying. I thought i was goin to die. & i couldnt tell my parents, who were downstairs, because i didnt want them to know i was doing drugs. I made it though. I was 16 years old. Im 18 now & my brothers smoke it. They know what happened to me & one of my friends was on it & had a seizure; they thought he died. & even seeing that, they wont stop. It hurts me a lot. I have mental problems now because of this drug, & i will NEVER do that to myself again. If you want to live a nightmare & feel like you are living in hell, try this drug. I wish i could take everything back, but i am glad i have come so far because of it.

One bag was never enough. Once I got started on it, I had great trouble keeping myself going back for bag after bag, even if it meant bills did not get paid. So much of my stuff is gone now, Just barely getting caught back up on my bills. I am a retired/disabled vet so I get paid once per month. We would always run out of food days before payday.
While smoking, which quickly becomes all the time, I neglect my daily affairs, appointments get missed, house don’t get clean, animals don’t get walked nearly enough. All this leads to a great deal of guilt for me since my life can’t be paused and so many negative consequences arise from neglecting.
Normally I am a very kind and generous person but using turns me into a mean, selfish A-hole. I don’t like being that way, especially with my wife who deserves better treatment.
The side effects of this stuff are way worse than natural marijuana for me. While using I am nauseous every single morning, to the point of throwing up blood and bile. Also, I cough up black stuff which bothers me a lot. I get one respiratory infection after another. My wife also gets these side effects. 
 I smoked day in and day out. I got hooked on MJ when I was only twelve and for years I was convinced it had only positive benefits for my anxiety and depression, but I was lying to myself. I am 43 now and it has taken me years to realize all this.

I had to quit because it was giving me panic attacks even when i quit. I had to get a perscription because I was having such bad anxiety that I ended up in the hospital a few times thinking that i was dying. I also have an enlarged ventricle in my heart now because of it. I wish everyone would wake up and see that this stuff is harming their bodies.

I used to smoke synthetic pot. The last time i did it is something i will never be able to forget. I was hearing voices in my head, & they were telling me they were going to get me and kill myself. I was in my bathroom & i sat on the floor. My heart was beating so fast i didnt think i could keep up with it. I started seeing black spots & heard a ticking noise, like a clock. The voice in my head told me to turn the water on in the bathtub, so i did. It told me to take my clothes off and get in, so i did. When i got in, the voice told me to turn around & taste the water, & i felt my body being pulled down. It wanted me to drown myself. I remember getting out & sitting on the floor bawling. When i looked around, an image would stay stuck in my head. If i looked at the wall & turned, the wall would be in front of me even if it wasnt really there. I called my sister & told her i was going to die. The voice told me it was goin to get me to die & told me to slit my wrists with a razor. I went upstairs & collapsed by my door, & it was tellin me to strangle myself. My sister ran upstairs to see what was going on, & i told her to feel my pulse. She did & she told me it was normal, but her eyes were wide with horror so i knew she was lying. I thought i was goin to die. & i couldnt tell my parents, who were downstairs, because i didnt want them to know i was doing drugs. I made it though. I was 16 years old. Im 18 now & my brothers smoke it. They know what happened to me & one of my friends was on it & had a seizure; they thought he died. & even seeing that, they wont stop. It hurts me a lot. I have mental problems now because of this drug, & i will NEVER do that to myself again. If you want to live a nightmare & feel like you are living in hell, try this drug. I wish i could take everything back, but i am glad i have come so far because of it.

 My son has been living somewhere between this world and another for almost a year now. Some days are better that others. He cannot do much of anything and some days just stares.

He began smoking synthetic marijuana last Spring. I could not figure out why he had become so incredibly angry all the time and detached. He was always a very calm and fun loving person. He smoked it to pass a drug test at work. He had been a pot smoker who gave up pot a few months before. He was 20 at the time, working and in community college.He smoked a lot of it at the end of June last year, the last time he has been near it. He went into another world and then found himself sometimes here and sometimes there. He has also had physical pains which were worse then, but continue today. He paced and still sometimes paces continually back and forth. The most painful thing for me to watch is when he holds his breath and leans down, coming up slowly for air. He does this many times a day and has for a year now. At first he nearly popped his eyes out. They were all black and blue.A few weeks after this time in June of last year, he had a psychotic break and a rage of anger, throwing water on my husband while we were asleep in bed. He believed some wild things about us that he said a man in a cafe told him.It has been a long year, too much to explain here, but we have tried 4 different anti psychotics, none of which did much to help and made some things worse. He has no concentration ability. We are currently trying to have no anti psychotics and easing off them to see what that will do. That is good and bad so far.He has had 4 hospital stays (brief ones for behavior management and unbearable anxiety) over the past year. The pressure and noise in his head do not go away. He stares at walls some days. His life is in another zone. It is my understanding that these anti psychotics would have helped schizophrenia patients. We are at a loss, so we pray continually and hope for help.

I smoked that 7h and i seen the end of the world thats not the first time this has happend to me but this 7h was different my boyfriend says i looked possesed by some kind of demon i could hear my voice and it wasnt my voice my boyfriend sayed i sounding nothing like myself i was screaming n wouldnt stop. I felt this jolt of liquidy fire blow through the top of my brain then slowly leak down the back then through my whole body i seen myself in a hospital bed with my head cut open my hours later i still feel the pain exsept it feels like my brain is slowly melting away. I seen how my town will end. Im sobar now and im still soo scared i beleive everything i seen to be true i feel as if god is sending me messages we need to get spice out of here 7h is back after a year its stronger than ever and i believe this will b the start of the end of our world as we know it. Call me crazty buti will stand firm in what i believe spice and bathsalts 7h and its makers are going to put an end to all

Personally, i had been smoking spice for a year and a half to the point where i honestly thought i was dying from it. About 9 months ago I stopped. I was one of those people who had all the horrible side effects you hear about. ALL OF THEM. For example, extreme panic attacks, anxiety, heart palpitation, chest problems, constant heartburn, feeling like you were never coming down from the nasty intoxication of the high (just to list a few). I thought i was going to die. I had about 30 Er visits and I still owe them thousands of dollars. Keep your heads up, stay away from these drugs and fight your way back. You can win, you can be healthy again. Like i said, its been 9 months and Im still not fully healthy like i was to begin with, (You have to put as much effort as you did with getting these drugs and getting high, into getting better.) For me, the anxiety was the worst.

My 20 year old foster son moved out las fall and began using synthetic marijuana, marijuana, and alcohol. He lost his home, job, girlfriend, car, dropped out of college, and ended up living under a freeway ramp with nothing but the clothes he was wearing. He agreed to go to treatment. He was not allowed into detox because he was “only” under the influence of synthetics at the time. It seems there is another horrible side to this poison that we didn’t think about. Our son is staying with us now, sober since 9/7/12, and is awaiting a spot in a residential treatment program. We are so proud of him for taking a stand against using synthetic drugs and getting help for his addiction. Jim Carlson and The Last Place on Earth will NOT take my family away!

I know there are a lot of horror stories with k2. I want to share a triumph story. My son smoked K2 July 2011. He was a mess for days, hallucinating. For weeks after he was paranoid. For months after, he thought he was crazy. We took him to a psychiatrist and he put him on anti psychotics and he nearly ended his life. We kept searching for answers. We finally took him to see his family doctor who is a very kind hearted lady and she listened and felt that anti psychotics were too harsh and put him on a low dose of Zoloft. His improvement was nearly immediate. We slowly saw him return to his normal self…. well what we remembered as normal. This past month, he felt he was well enough to wean…. and he has and it is a success!!! He has his drivers license, a car and he just got a job!!!! Do not give up on your kids. I know that not everyone will have a success story like my son. I know we are so very blessed. Be there for them, cry with them and triumph with them…. My son was addicted to water after this. He carried around 7 and 8 bottles of water. That night it was what he felt helped him. Slowly he’s given up the water bottles. He now takes one to school. No one would ever believe the nightmare unless you live it. I understand, parents…. I understand. And, I know some of you only wished you could have gone through this horror as we have and I cannot imagine the horror you are living as you have to live without your child. This stuff is a nightmare. Every parent needs to know how horrible this drug is…..

I am from New Zealand and K2 is being sold here. Over the last three months I have seen two of may sons get addicted to this horrid substance and the effects it has on them. One of my sons has been arrested not because he had smoked it but because he hadnt for 6 hours and went completly out of control I have cleaned up vomit I have walked the floors at nights making sure after smoking it they would wake up the next morning. I have been abused as they get very fustrated,I have seen them not beable to hardly walk, not eating well so Why wouldnt people want to make others aware of the problems is causes.

my son Kris 19 yrs old smoked Spice 5 months ago and has been nearly catatonic I have talk to Doctors,Nurses and any one who would listen and no one knew how to treat him.He has just started improving slightly but he is afraid every moment of every day he thinks everyone and everything is trying to kill him even his own saliva I am grieving over the loss of my sons soul its a nightmare that seems to never end.I needed to hear that it was possible to pull him out of this alternate reality”

I’m going to keep it really simple.

Smoke Synthetic weed for little bit over a year, never had a problem until the weekend just gone. I was sitting on my computer playing a computer game and I had been smoking all day, anyway.. I OD on it and god and my mother who is now dead spoke to me. Mum told me if I didn’t stop smoking this stuff I would die and that my life is worth living as I’m married now and that god was healing me and told me to never go back.. as I write this I get goosebumps of what happen that night. I have not touched the stuff since. I feel my heart hurting and I just pray and pray that it will all good away.

I felt soo scared and I was left shaken afterwards. I felt like I was going to die. and even if it was god speaking to me and my mum I’m glad they did. It really woke me up. Im going through withdrawal symptons at the moment but I know it will pass in time.

I should be fine by the end of the week.

its terrible stuff, it’s so evil.

yea this stuff is really bad for you….ive smoked it for about 3 weeks and yesterday i had a fucking hallucination. i will never be smoking this shit again….it also made me feel like i was in danger(racing heartbeat, uncontrollable shaking) i was very close to calling 911 on myself because i have never experienced anything like this before with ANY drug…be warned this stuff CAN do some bad things to you.

A few years ago I was introduced to the drug and used it for a period of time. One day after using it with a few friends I began to feel sick and started getting migranes. I went to the emergency room and the treated me for a severe headache. To this day I get headaches that I believe are linked to the synthetics. After that day at the hospital I decided to do some research about the synthetics and what I discovered was shocking. When I found out what was actually used and sprayed on the natural ingredients i was very upset. The way the drug was marketed portrayed it as a safe legal alternative. This was intended to target kids and young adults. I just can’t believe that this isn’t being shown to the public on the scale that it should. I am willing to help spread the word and get this stuff off the street in any way possible. Please let me know i there is anything i can do.



Synthetic Drug Testimonials — 16 Comments

  1. Yes Karen….everyone needs to be warned of this synthetic poison….the media needs to be way more informative of this deadly life ruining dangerous crap that me and thousands out there have no idea that this stof is out there….it has totally changed me and ruined my life……I had no knowledge of it what so ever

    • Mike, I think of you often. We had the support of media, law enforcement and legislators in Illinois and were able to get these poisons off our shelves several years ago. We also educated our citizens and were able to being our Poison Control calls from 30% over to 60% UNDER the national average. So, it’s very frustrating to me when I see other states floundering. There is a solution and it’s not that difficult.

    • Mike, what happened to you is something that I warn kids about all the time. You aren’t the first one to get tricked into smoking synthetic cannabinoids, and you won’t be the last. Please tell the readers about your horrible experience and how you have been suffering since that fateful day.

  2. I smoked pot for 37 years…at age 51 had become depressed due to some recent injuries and too much isolation and maybe too much pot….one saturday afternoon I went to a friends house…his old “hippie” neighbor was there and 3 other strangers….they offered me a pipe load of pot… stories were told and then I mentioned my folks owned a sizeable ranch nearby that I had worked hard on for 26 years…then one of the strangers pulled a pipe out of her purse, and handed it to me…it looked just like the other one they had given me except it had a screw on funnel type cap that you could still smoke from…I thought this was so the pot would not fall out in her purse…I put the lighter to the pipe and sucked many times…tasting nothing after may tokes…all of a sudden I felt a rip or tearing sensation in my brain and I got very paranoid and anxious….having had a very bad concussion 4 years earlier I was hoping I was just having some sort of TOO stoned on pot reaction…I quickly left my”friends” house and went home and made dinner and went to bed…the next day was fairly normal…went to bed fine that night…but about 4 hours into my sleep I woke up like I had 30 pots of coffee in me…..THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE RUINING OF MY LIFE….for months after this I had severe insomnia…I had suffered brain damage and it took me a couple months to finally figure out that I had been dosed on bath salts even though I had been to many doctors/pill pushers…..this threw me into a severe depression and has totally changed my life and me as a person..our ranch is for sale I don’t know why but I just dont work or do anything….we have spent over 100k on doctors and rehab.. tests.. dozens of pills….I’m totally disabled…and out of shape..this is a NIGHTMARE that never ends…I kept sucking on that pipe thinking I was gonna eventually taste some pot…I cant sleep without pills…I feel these people raped my brain and got away with it….I had no idea there was CRAP out there on the market that could screw someone up so heavily…if I had I WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE CAREFUL ABOUT SMOKING “POT’ WITH STRANGERS… life is destroyed ….my brain is fried and I am severly depressed due to 13 seconds on the WRONG pipe:(

    • Mike, I am so sorry that this has happened to you and others. By the way, it was most likely synthetic cannabinoids, and not “bath salts” which are synthetic stimulants, that you ingested, although there is no evidence of either. You are not the first and won’t be the last to inadvertently being exposed to synthetic drugs and have to suffer the consequences. I know that you have truly suffered and I a very sorry for that. Please share Mike’s story to save others from this suffering!

  3. I was addicted to ” fake weed” for a little under two years, me and my whole family used to do it together. After awhile I got tired of felling bad sober and feeling worse high, so I kicked that shit. it wasn’t easy but I did it. Now six months later im still sober except for weed, but my whole family still is hooked. I don’t know what to do, im only 16 and I cant leave but, no matter what I say, or what evidence I show them that it can and will kill you they just wont quit. I don’t want DSS to take me and my sister but nothing seems to work and I feel like im just waiting for one day when a bad trip takes one of them. please if anyone has any advise I NEED IT! im at my wits end and im losing hope in my families future

    • Sean, I’m so sorry that this has happened to you. You are right that eventually it’s going to go from bad to worse. In order to save your family, I recommend that you go to the authorities. It will be a painful outcome, but the consequences which will come from bringing this situation to the authorities is better than the alternative, which is permanent brain and/or physical injury or death. I’m so sorry!

  4. I have two sons who became addicted to “Legal” as they call it now. I had to take my 21 year old son to residential rehab last June on his birthday. He was dirty, covered in scabs (think meth picker) and sick all the time. He had used this after being arrested in college for Pot. Six months later, his life was in ruins. He is transitioning out of residential treatment and working as a Zaxby’s cook living with alumni. He is trying to get back in school soon. This was a straight “A” pre-law scholarship student.

    His younger brother jumped on the “Legal” band wagon with him. At 17 he did intensive out patient rehab for 6 months and did well (we moved, he changed schools, started over). Then he was around “Legal” again and off he went. Relapse. He is 3 weeks clean again. He was so sure he would NEVER do it again….he hated it and what it did to him and his brother. But it is SO addictive.

    So thousands of dollars of rehab and a family battered and bruised by the addiction of “Legal” all I can say is DO NOT NOT ONCE NOT EVER!

    We take it one day at a time…..

    • Mom,

      Our hearts go out to you. You are sharing a warning that only you and those like you can give. I tell parents all the time, “Don’t make the mistake that I made thinking ‘My kid wouldn’t do that.” This drug is a different thing. Many kids that have never been in trouble before in their lives are becoming addicted and sometimes dying. They think that because it can be bought in stores, it must be safe. All parents should be talking to their kids about synthetic drugs, synthetic cannabinoids, in particular, because they are the ones that more of the “good kids” are getting into. Good luck and please spread the word or help an organization like ours. We need all the help we can get so that other families don’t have to suffer our fate.

  5. I was arrested in sept 2010 for posession of marijuana. I was placed on probation for 15 months and towards the end after i failed 2 ua’s i sought out the alternative and started smoking it. My boyfriend and his roomate smoked weed and i smoked incense. They curiously watched me as I’d smoke and become a bag of flesh. Never offering because i unconsciously knew that i was killing myself slowly but felt i could dabble and race the clock. I have had multiple profound metaphysical third eye openings when it comes to salvia , psylocibin,DMT, mdma, and lsd. All which i stopped experementing with after the incense weakened my mental state. My first of many violent epispodes happened when i drank and smoke at the same time. In a black out i had beaten in my own head punching over and over as hard as i could. i awoke naked in my bf bed crying bc i didn’t know what happened or why i looked like i was hit with a skillet over and over. Cd and his roomate asked if he could try some. Reluctantly i obliged. he started throwing up and convulsing his friend passed out. I regret ever introducing it to them. when probation was over and weed came back. Try as i might, the dankiest weed had no effect on any of us. This is when we turned to legal in a horrible way. We smoked anything from nothing butt smokes which usually came out to 20$ and we’d go through 3-5 bags a day.Me and cd became addicted and reclusive. We were always hunting for money and the normal bad side effects apply. 1yr and half later the legal had taken its toll we had gotten evicted. our electricity was shut off and there was no sanitary place in the house. Fist fighting and strangulation became the norm. I even got fired bc i was often late or leaving early to get my fixed. Id get emotional without it. i needed it every night to regulate my sleep and if i was gonna eat i had to supply my own appetite by smoking. MY LIFE was consumed by this negativity. We had no morals and our priority above all else was smoking. We broke up for a month. I moved to my dads land where i stayed in a travel trailer and alone would smoke and be reclusive . Cd showed up a month later and we got back together. We had both slowed down on the stuff but weren’t happy with our lives we vowed to treat eachother right but once again when money started leaving faster then it was coming in we started turning on eachother. We got evicted again bc we would rather get high then pay rent. my dad took my car away so i had nothing. this has gone on until recently. I’ve quit once before but only when i decided to leave walking down the street with a hamper of clothes. walked and walked till my mother picked me up. I was emotionally unstable and mentally exhausted. My mother took me in but i felt bipolar and manic. randomly dissappearing and terrifying everyone. They all thought i was gonna just dissapear for good one day. believe me i wanted to and it was always on my mind. cd tells me he’s quit. I actually had. i had switched back to regular and was happy i started hanging out with my old friends and being social. playing basketball at the park or playing catch with my nieces and nephews. my full abilities came back abd my mental capacity was returning. I was once again Adrian,the virgo of the cosmos and wanderer of the vast expanse. I could read my tarot cards and crystal pyramid like before i smoked legal. My pendelums ”magically” appeared in my back pack and started to clear for me again. I once again became master of my emotions and got placed back on my shaminic spiritual discovery. I could hear my higher self again and would often meditate to astral project to the all and communicate. I had began recieving esoteric wisdom again and was out to change the world for the better. I was vibrating on a higher plane. I knew cd hadnt quit but i thought i could help him. But i fell back in and just as fast as i recieved my blessings from the all , all communications with my higher self ceased. All abilities once again confiscated and i was cut off. Without my god beside me i was lost and trying to find him. Fist fighting once again became the norm. we were evicted and i lossed my job. cycles upon cycles. Fist fighting actually is mild compared to the psychosis we showed eachother. We sat down after many attempts of quitting and discussed our future. we had two options: go cold turkey or continue down this path and end up dead,in jail or in a psych ward. He was finally on board thanks to a lot of horrifying stories i found and read him. Now 100 bloody fights and thousands of dollars later a 3 year addiction to a legal product that claims has no addictive chemicals is finally over… still hacking up black tar from my lungs but the fight is over. Cd and I won. Our prize… our lives. God said this was one of those times there was only one set of footprints in the sand . He never left me but carried me. Please know I’m hurting for you, humans are capable of all imaginable and concievable. Were destined to vibrate on higher planes. you know just as well as i do, that your just as capable. You were given the gift of being human. endowed with senses,emotions and thoughts. Were the keepers of the light and will not be devolved to the brutality of the animal realm savages. We are not monsters and will not be discretely controlled by cheap tricks. Our minds get high on the higher realms where no facilitator but ”THE ALL” can take you.

    • Adrian,

      We’re happy that you have chosen life! Congratulations!!! Thanks for writing your story. We need more people to share their stories. Thanks!

  6. I used Synthetic Marijuana for 5 years. ive been clean off it now 6 months.Im telling you my life is so much better now. While I was smoking this stuff all those years because I was on probation and didn’t want to fail a drug test. I became so depressed I hoped the stuff would kill me. I quit after I passed out while on it and woke up in the hospital. This stuff will kill you eventually. It took two years of smoking it before I even had a bad experience on it. But mark my words you smoke it for long enough you will have a bad trip. And im telling you its not fun at all. Ive been addicted to drugs since age 13 and Im 25 now. Ive done almost every drug in the book and the most terrifying drug experiences Ive had were on synthetic Marijuana. Please take it from me. This stuff is trash and should be banned. These people who make it don’t care at all if you die. Their the only ones who want it legal. The only people who think this stuff should be legal are the people getting the money. Look Im not the most anti drug person in the world at all. I believe Marijuana (Regular marijuana) should be legal. But these synthetic versions are so dangerous in my opinion and really I don’t know why anyone would continue to smoke it because when you really think about it the effects arent even pleasent. Most of the time theyre extremely intense and terrifying. Don’t do this stuff.

    • John, we are so happy to hear that you are no longer using these poisons. Thanks for the testimonial. As you can see, we’ve posted your testimonial for everyone to read. Hopefully, it will be the story that convinces someone not to use or to quit their use. You may even save a life. Thanks!

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