Spice Memorials


Don’t let anyone tell you that Synthetic Marijuana is not dangerous.

These are only the victims whose stories have been in the media or have been shared with us to publicize.  Many victims of synthetic marijuana have not been identified by their families or by the authorities because testing for synthetic drugs is highly ineffective.

Not only are synthetic drugs not included in standard drug tests, current synthetic drug testing, which must be specifically ordered, cannot detect a large majority of the chemicals used in synthetic marijuana production.  Many of the deaths attributed to synthetic marijuana used eyewitness accounts.

Even we know of deaths that have not been published.  There are also many survivors, some permanently disabled, that we have not included on this page.

One death is too many.  These were vibrant, beautiful people–loved by their families and friends.

We mourn their loss.

Please let us know if you are aware of additional victims who have gone public.  Please post links to their information in our comments section.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for family and loved ones to publicize the death of their loved one from  synthetic marijuana in order to save the lives of others.

Victims names are in alphabetical order.

Click on names for a full story.


Daniel Barto, 27

Daniel Barto died in a car accident.  Ryan Nordstrom is charged with Vehicular Homicide after ingesting XLR-11, which is a synthetic cannabinoid

Daniel Barto died in a car accident. Ryan Nordstrom is charged with Vehicular Homicide after ingesting XLR-11, which is a synthetic cannabinoid









Garry Bradley, 62

Retired banker and community leader Garry Bradley, 62, died after being struck while he was jogging. Joseph R. Ruwaldt, 20, the driver of the pickup truck, tested positive for synthetic marijuana.

Quinton Reed Bryant, 16

The mother of a Fort Wayne boy who was found floating in a southwest Allen County pond says her son was smoking synthetic marijuana — or spice — before he died.


Phillip Bushon, 23

Lance Cpl. Philip Bushong

Philip Bushong, 23, died April 21, 2012 in Washington, D.C., after being stabbed in the heart with a pocket knife. A fellow Marine, Michael Poth, who was high on synthetic marijuana and has been charged in connection with the stabbing death following an altercation and is awaiting trial.

Chase Burnett, 16

Chase was found dead in the hot tub in his home. His friends say he was smoking synthetic marijuana when he died.


Jeremy A. Buzick, 21

Kim Garcia of Litchfield (center) holds a picture of her son, Jeremy Buzick, who committed suicide on Dec. 3, 2011. According to Kim, during the last months Jeremy was with us, he got hooked on the synthetic marijuana that can be purchased at some area gas stations and liquor stores.

Jeremy Chissel, 32

Jeremy Chissel, 32, of New Castle, IN died Feb. 1 when a 2003 Ford Mustang driven by Karissa Campbell, 23, Anderson, crashed on Ind. 3 south of Muncie, near the intersection with Delaware County Road 775 South. According to court documents, Campbell told police, she and Chissel had traveled from New Castle to Muncie for the express purpose of buying spice at a Muncie convenience store. Campbell voluntarily submitted to a blood test after the crash, and that sample was found to contain cannabinoids, according to court documents.


Robert Cipriano, 52

Bob Cipriano, a school district business manager, was beaten to death, allegedly by his 19 year-old son, Tucker. His wife, Rose, and 17-year-old Sal Cipriano were also severely beaten. Sal’s twin brother managed to hide and dial 911. Their eight-year-old sister, Isabella, managed to open the door for police when they arrived. Tucker’s friend Ian Zinderman had been with the men before the break-in while they were getting high on K2, or synthetic marijuana “They were really, really stoned. I was surprised that they could even function,” he said.

Jayden Cohen, 2 Months

Matthew Evans, 21,was babysitting the infant when he began to shake him while he was crying, according to a criminal complaint. He admitting to investigators he had been smoking Spice, a brand of synthetic marijuana, that evening. After weeks of surgery to relieve swelling on the brain, Jayden died.


Justin Cook, 23

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 8.51.42 PM

The Kern County Coroner’s Office said that Cook died suddenly from lethal exposure to synthetic cannabinoid.

James Crawford, 28

James Crawford was one of the passengers in a car driven by 28-year-old Roger Malloy. Robert Malloy further indicated that the occupants of the car, including the driver Roger Malloy, had been smoking K2 prior to the accident.


Joey Dalton, 18

Joey took his own life after smoking Spice for a few months, leaving behind the 8-month-old son he adored. His parents say Joey, who had previously been very happy and well adjusted person, confessed to becoming addicted only days before his death.

Darian Lee Davis, 17 & Dustin Thomas Davis, 19

Thomas Davis, father of two teens who were hit by a train, thinks he lost his sons because they had been smoking the “legal weed” that’s known at K2 and “spice.” He said, “I think that was a factor in them losing their lives.”


Thomas Randal Davis, 58

Thom Davis had a degree in Psychology, and had struggled through alcoholism to become a proud and active member of AA. He had three daughters, four stepchildren, and 13 grandchildren. According to police, he died after using synthetic marijuana.

Max Dobner, 19

Max was killed when he smoked synthetic marijuana, then ran his car into a house at speeds over 100 m.p.h. after calling his brother to say that he had smoked “that legal stuff” and was “freaking out.” To The Maximus Foundation is named in his honor.

Jason Frame, 23

A talented musician, Jason Frame checked himself into a psychiatric hospital after having serious psychiatric symptoms while smoking synthetic marijuana. “Upon his admission, Jason exhibited signs of delusion, hallucination, paranoia and agitation,” attorney Steve Levin said in a news release. “Because of his expressed suicidal ideations and behaviors, he should have been placed under close supervision and surveillance.” On Dec. 1, he hanged himself in the bathroom with a hospital gown. He was 23.


Kathleen Gaspar, 53

"My mother, Kathleen Gaspar, died last September following a fall inside her Marseilles home," said Sheehan. "And, although her death certificate says she died of massive head injuries, I am sure it was fake, synthetic pot that took her life."

“My mother, Kathleen Gaspar, died last September following a fall inside her Marseilles home,” said Sheehan. “And, although her death certificate says she died of massive head injuries, I am sure it was fake, synthetic pot that took her life.”

Patrick Ham, 20

Patrick Ham was smoking synthetic marijuana with his friends, got into his Jeep, and smashed into a tree. There were no tire marks. He never hit the brakes. Authorities believe he may have blacked out.


Lilly Helsley, 28

28-year-old Lilly Helsley of Middletown died after smoking the drug designed to mimic the effects of marijuana. Hogan’s 16-year-old son says this drug is legal and not hard to find.

Adam Hernandez, 28

According to his mom, Adam R. Hernandez, 28, took his life, likely the result of smoking synthetic marijuana. Adam was fearless and full of life, eager to go skydiving, scuba diving, or kayak shark fishing in Hawaii where he was stationed.


 Sam Herrera, 16

Sam was an athlete, playing 3 sports.  His friends and family say that he was not a risk taker.  Not know for making many mistakes, Sam along with a friend, made a fatal mistake and experimented with  25c-NBOMe for the first time and didn't live to tell the tale.

Sam was an athlete, playing 3 sports. His friends and family say that he was not a risk taker. Not know for making many mistakes, Sam along with a friend, made a fatal mistake and experimented with 25c-NBOMe for the first time and didn’t live to tell the tale.

Jonathan Hoffman, 17

Jonathan Hoffman was shot by his grandmother, who said she was afraid of him because he was high on synthetic marijuana.



Austin Jones, 20

Wife and I came home one Friday night to find our son dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Just a week prior to my sons death I had caught him getting ready to smoke synthetic marijuana. After his death I found multiple containers in his chest of drawers which this death comes in. I truly believe this substance is which lead to the death of my child. Before his death he informed us he was having panic attacks. I observed his demeanor to be an aggressive one and one which was agitated with the change of the wind. This stuff kills and if one person is saved by reading these testimonials it was well worth my few minutes of time to share our story. We love and miss you Austin.

Logan Kushner, 19

Logan Kushner, 19, died Jan. 8 when he slipped and fell in a shallow creek, drowning as he lay unconscious in water that would have been below his knees. The Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner’s Office recently confirmed that Kushner drowned. But in the autopsy report, the medical examiner also listed another factor that may have contributed to his death: synthetic cannabinoids.


Lamar Jack, 19

Lamar Jack, 19, an Anderson University Basketball player, collapsed during practice and died several days later of “acute drug toxicity with excited delirium that led to multiple organ failure.”

Kelvin Melton, Sr.

Kelvin Melton died unexpectedly. Several open packets of Synthetic Marijuana were found in his bathroom.


Bill & Lynn McKernan, 40

Bill and Lynn McKernan, who were twins, were killed when Wayne S. Kichar drove a dump truck 500 feet across a grassy median at 55 mph, went airborne, and sheered off the roof of the twins’ vehicle. Kichar admitted using a synthetic marijuana, and he was allegedly high at the time of the crash.

Douglas E. Morigeau, 61

Douglas Morigeau was stabbed to death, and his wife, Cheryl, was critically injured when her throat was cut during a home invasion on December 6, 2012 in Dixon, MT.  According to charging documents, Nathan Lee William Calvert confessed to attacking the Morigeaus after smoking “Spice” for nearly two weeks “almost constantly.”

Douglas Morigeau was stabbed to death, and his wife, Cheryl, was critically injured when her throat was cut during a home invasion on December 6, 2012 in Dixon, MT. According to charging documents, Nathan Lee William Calvert confessed to attacking the Morigeaus after smoking “Spice” for nearly two weeks “almost constantly.”


Brandon Murphee, 18

Lori and Steve Murphree hold up a photo of their son, Brandon, who shot himself July 3 after using a marijuana-like product sold under several brand names, including Spice. They testified to a public hearing in Montgomery, Ala., on Monday, Sept. 19, 2011, organized by the state health officer, who is looking for ways to ban the product. (AP Photo/Phillip Rawls)

Nicholas, 19 (Last Name Unavailable)

The El Paso County Coroner ruled synthetic marijuana as the official cause of death for the first time in the case of a recent Wasson High School graduate. Dr. Robert Bux says Nicholas likely died from a heart attack or seizure caused by the chemicals these “fake pot” companies use to mimic a marijuana high.


Brian L. Paglusch, 43

According to a criminal complaint, Destry D. Wilson, 22, of Redding, Calif., stopped his flatbed semi in the westbound driving lane of I-94 near Menomonie and was rear-ended by a second semi, which burst into flame. The driver of that truck, Brian L. Paglusch, 43, of Paynesville, couldn’t escape his damaged cab and died of “catastrophic thermal injuries” just after the crash, about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday. Wilson has been charged with two felonies for allegedly smoking synthetic marijuana before causing a fiery nighttime crash.

Hanna Parker, 19 & Unborn Child

Joshua Tyler McKeel, 21, has entered a plea of not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity for the first-degree murder charge in the shooting death of his fiancé, Hannah Parker, 19, of St. Martinville, LA and the death of their unborn child. McKeel is accused of killing Parker on Jan. 18 with a shotgun blast to the face at close range at Parker’s mother’s mobile home. McKeel was smoking synthetic marijuana before the shooting occurred. “In this case he was smoking that fake weed thinking that he was going to get a marijuana high, and he got a lot more than he bargained for,” said his attorney, Gary Le Gros. Hanna Parker leaves behind a 2 year-old daughter.


Tod Parkinson, 30

Maureen Barrett found her son dead on the kitchen floor in March. She also found packets of “Cloud Nine” and “Mr. Nice Guy” in his apartment – his favorite brands of synthetic marijuana. Barrett blames her son’s death on the manmade weed – dangerous blends of chemicals she wants to see outlawed throughout the country. A toxicology report confirmed her son had synthetic cannabinoids in his system the day he died.

Brandon Rice, 13

A 13-year-old in the U.S. who became ill after smoking synthetic marijuana and had a double lung transplant died. The boy smoked the fake marijuana out of a plastic candy dispenser and suffered chemical burns to both lungs. He was put on a respirator in June and had a double lung transplant in September.


David Rozga, 18

18-year-old David Rozga was smoking with friends when he apparently “freaked out” and said he was going to hell. David took his life minutes later in his Indianola, Iowa, home.

McKenzie Smalley, 2 Months

(Picture Unavailable, this is an illustration only) The child’s 20-year-old mother told medics she was asleep in her apartment in the 5000 block of Magoun Avenue when her boyfriend, Michael Ivy, woke her to tell her the baby wasn’t breathing.
During a third interview with police, Ivy admitted to to becoming angry when the baby wouldn’t stop crying while he was trying to smoke some “gas station weed.”


Oliver Satchel Smith, 18

Oliver Satchel-Smith smoked some Synthetic Marijuana on a private beach. He was alone. The next morning, he was found dead. Cause of death: Synthetic Cannabinoids.

Tyler J. Smith

Tyler J. Smith

Tyler took his life after smoking Spice for about 2 weeks. Tyler’s father said, “He smoked it and it changed him.”


Aaron Stinson, 26

Aaron Stinson, whose first name means bright light – a light that was extinguished on September 26, 2011, after he smoked something called “Mr. Nice Guy” relaxinol, a type of synthetic marijuana, then went to sleep. In the morning, Aaron’s friends found him in complete cardiac and respiratory arrest. “It literally created a death of sleep,” said his mother, Deidre Canaday. “It effected his central nervous system so that his breathing shallowed, stopped, and his heart followed, and I can tell you he was in the best physical condition of his life.”

Nick Stuben, 15

“Nick Stuban was caught buying synthetic marijuana — which was legal, at the time — and expelled from Fairfax County Public Schools. He later took his own life.”


Dominique Tate, 19

Texas Health Dallas confirms 19-year-old Dominique Darrell Tate died at the hospital. Tate — who also called himself “Deezy”– may be the first death ever linked medically to the drug K2.

Jasmyn Tully, 17

Jasmyn was killed in her sleep by a friend who was under the influence of synthetic cannabinoids.


Stephen Valdez,  19

Stephen was hanging out with friends and had just smoked Spice when they began to arm wrestle with each other. “All of a sudden Stephen let out a yell and fell back,” Seven said. Stephen’s friends carried him into his home where his mother, who is a paramedic, awoke. Seven cried as she described how her daughter tried hard to revive Stephen. “He looked up at her but she couldn’t save her own son.” Stephen was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. “His father called and told me they just ‘called’ Stephen, meaning he died, and I said ‘This can’t be … how?'” A day later Stephen’s friends confessed to the family they had smoked Spice just before Stephen collapsed.

Brady Davis Weed III, 37

Lexington County Coroner Harry O. Harman said 37-year-old Brady Davis Weed and his son, Drew, both of Lexington, were traveling westbound when Prescott’s 2008 GMC pickup truck heading in the other direction crossed the median and hit Weed’s 2006 Avalon head-on. Prescott was high on synthetic marijuana at the time.


Jacob “Jake” Wasserburger, 19 

Jake Wasserburger was an accomplished race car driver, he was a pilot, and he was known for his generous heart. He took his own life while under the influence of synthetic marijuana.

Alex Winterhalter, 22

After police caught him with more than 4 ounces of marijuana in his parents’ home in December, Alex Winterhalter swapped drugs and started smoking synthetic pot. According to his friends, Winterhalter figured it was the best way to keep getting high — without getting in trouble again. Winterhalter, 22, apparently paid for that mistake with his life.


Rachael Witt, 15

Rachael Witt was one of the passengers in a car driven by 28-year-old Roger Malloy. Robert Malloy further indicated that the occupants of the car, including the driver Roger Malloy, had been smoking K2 prior to the accident. She was a freshman in high school.

Victor Woolson, 18

Two hours and 21 minutes after Victor Woolson walked into Xtreme Underground in downtown Oswego, NY where he bought and then smoked an herbal incense, emergency rescue crews pulled his lifeless body from the rough waters of Lake Ontario on Aug. 9.
Less than 18 hours later, Woolson, 19, of Lycoming, was pronounced dead at Oswego Hospital.


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  1. Hi there. I’ve just come across this site whilist looking up info on synthetic drugs. I myself am not a user but my younger Brother(18) is. He has been using for a synthetic for about a year now due to the fact that it doesnt show up in drug testing. In 2011 we lost our youngest Brother (12) to Cancer and since then He hasn’t spoken to anyone about what is happening, instead just does this stupid drug. It’s at the point now where I have left my job and moved back to keep an eye on him because i’m terrified of leaving him alone. My Family are starting to lose all hope that he will get off it but i’m determine to to help kick his addiction, I just don’t know how to help him. Since he is over 18 he can’t be made to do anything unless he willingly agrees to. Any suggestions, Anything at all would be welcomed. Thank you

    • As with any addict, your brother must make the decision himself to stop using. However, you can be careful not to enable his drug use in any way. Please show him our website, tothemaximus.org, which lists all of the side effects. Often, when users see that others are experiencing the same effects and they see the more serious effects, they are more motivated to get ‘clean.’ Don’t give up on him. The longer he uses, the greater the chances of him having more serious side effects. We wish you luck!

  2. What a load of crap. Most of these stories the cause of death was either murder suicide or car accident not health related issues caused by spice sounds to me like you guys are trying to scare people

    • Well, I can’t deny that we are trying to scare people. But, if you knew what we know about the horrible mental and physical injuries sustained by so many people, you would not have a problem with us trying to scare people into staying away from research chemicals/synthetic drugs. The survivors are sometimes worse off than those who we have lost. Also, there are many deaths which we can’t list because the families don’t go public, usually out of shame. Synthetic drugs are ruining more lives than you could ever imagine. There are many suicides, homicides and health related deaths which we would love to publicize, but can’t. Regardless, you can believe what you want. That’s your choice.

  3. okay this is going to sound bad and it is… I have smoked for years I started spice about 2 & 1/2 years ago I switch between weed and spice but I found out I was pregnant and had no difficulty cutting weed cigarettes alcohol and even caffeine out of my diet but I am STRUGGLING to quit spice. I cry almost everyday and beg myself to quit but as soon as I’m alone or not occupied I desire a hit so greatly. I am so worried about the effect on my child I already passed the critical development period due to being unaware of pregnancy but I have had a great diet I love love love fruit and veggies so I know the fetus has that nutrition. I have not found a primary care physician I like yet and I just need some one with some experience…I hope you can understand how difficult it is and offer some help on how to quit effectively or anything!

    • We seriously recommend that you run (don’t walk) to your nearest treatment center and beg for help.


      “The THC contained in ‘high potency’ marijuana and the potent Synthetic cannabinoids contained in Spice products and other brands of ‘synthetic marijuana’, are potentially harmful to embryonic development, as early as two weeks after conception. This is because these psychoactive chemicals have the ability to interfere with the first stages in the formation of the brain of the fetus; this event occurs two weeks after conception, earlier than before signs of pregnancy appear. By the time a woman realises she is pregnant and stops taking these substances it may already be too late for her unborn child. ”

      Recent research from the past 5 years has shown that marijuana and Spice exposure during pregnancy has been associated with anencephaly, a non-sustaining life condition where a large part of the skull or brain is absent, neurobehavioral deficiencies, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities and memory impairment in toddlers and 10 year olds, as well as neuropsychiatric conditions, including depression, aggression and anxiety, in teens.

      Every single time you smoke, you are putting your baby at more risk. Please love your baby more than you love yourself and commit yourself to the horrible experience of detox. Please keep us updated. We are hoping for the very best for you and your baby.

  4. Hello everyone. I stumbled upon this page searching about “legal weed” after a teen from a near by town is now paralyzed and partially brain dead. About three weeks ago I tried it. It was by far the scariest and worse trip I have ever had in my entire life. It started by everything became really awkward. I was overly paranoid and didn’t want my husband to even talk or look at me because I was freaking out. I came and laid on the bed and kinda had what felt like an outer body experience. I saw my life from all kinds of point of views and it was almost as my subconscious came to life and was telling me all that was wrong in my life. Then I had a burning sensation all over my body as if all the heat in the room was hugged around me. But the weird thing is … I’m a responsible adult, I own my own hairsalon. There is nothing wrong in my life to make me freak out this way. I am very blessed to say I live a comfortable and good life that I don’t even stress about. This “drug” made me think other wise. I began to make things up in my head worrying about bills and family and friends…. Then I felt like I was never going to be the same and I was stuck high feeling like this. I freaked out and cried uncontrollably, screaming while my husband hugged me to make me feel better. Scariest feeling ever….. And this while time what felt like effect that was lasting hours… In all actuality it was only about ten minutes. I see and understand why some people kill themselves. It causes a very strong sense of paranoia. If my husband was not there to help me I may have done something wrong. Even now when it is mentioned and people are talking about it…. I tell them what happened to me and now I have found a link I can send them too. Thank you so much for making this page. The parents of the local teen are forming an organization for awareness. Thank heavens because everyone thinks because its legal its okay… I even did, and its not okay. It really messes with your head. – Lauren

  5. I have been smoking synthetic marijuana for 3 years. Does it kill or effect everyone similar? Will i die soon for sure if i continue?

    • Travis, synthetic cannabinoids affect everyone differently. And, everyone has different responses to different chemicals. That is part of the problem. We have received emails and comments from many people that smoked for a long period of time, without severe consequences. However, we also receive correspondance from people that smoked without consequence and then, all of the sudden, one day, they have the “trip from hell,” sometimes with lasting physical and psychological effects. We are not sure if the bad reaction was due to an increase in potency or because the manufacturer changed chemicals, which is very common. Smoking synthetic cannabinoids is ofter referred to as playing “playing Russian Roulette.” Some people have a severe reaction their very first time.

      Almost everyone will agree that smoking synthetic cannabinoids for a lengthy period of time is dangerous. It is almost certain that eventually you will have some very negative effects. It’s amazing that you’ve already made it 3 years.

  6. This stuff is no joke. I literally had a harder time quitting this shit than I did smoking cigarettes. I was a functioning fake bake addict. It was costing me lots of money and giving me problems I all areas of my life. Though I didn’t let it destroy me it definitely had an impact on my life as a whole. My career and relationship were suffering from this addiction, but I have quit smoking this since last July after a little over two years. This is nasty stuff that needs to be banned!!!

  7. Thank God I found this site. I recently quit smoking this addictive shit back in July after a little over two years of being hooked. Its expensive and I only pray it doesnt have serious effects in the future. I will be going to the doctor soon to get checked up. I stopped using it after getting a powerful brand that gave me heart palpitations. It made me fear for my life. I was acting like a functioning junky and it was pathetic something i am embarrassed about. Tell people to stay away from this crap, and boycott it at any cost!!!!

  8. Looking for victims of this in New York State to join me in pushing Legislation in Albany in the very near future….please let me know if you wish to join us in New York State. Thank you.

  9. I am overwhelmed by the stories I have read. I have caught my 28 year old daughter smoking this crap recently. She already has mental health problems and we are helping her raise her children. I told her about some of the people’s lives that synthetic marijuana has ruined. She doesn’t care. I made her leave tonight because she chooses smoke over her children. I don’t know how to help her. I do want to get this “legal” drug out of the convenience stores and head shops.

  10. I have been addicted to synthetic marijuana for over a year. Right now I am 18 and in college. I weigh 98 pounds now. Ive had bronchitis and a chronic cough nd cough ing up crap for over a month. My whole insides hurt. Im fatigue all the time. I cant eat. Im up seriously all night because I cant go to sleep. Im freezing and weak all the time. Depressed as shit and have bipolar on top of it. I really think its too late for me and that im seriously considering death soon. This crap is so addicting like my whole body and life is fucked.. I really need serious help/ advie

    • I just quit 8 days ago I had the same problems as you my feet were always freezing I was always I. Edge and still am a little bit each day gets better off of it…trust me when you feel down try getting something to keep you busy all the time when you start thinking about getting high try to find something fun to do to erase that thought out if your mind I’ve had chest pains also but I think it’s getting better you have to stop now while your still alive we are the lucky ones that survived

    • Ashley please tell a doctor and take their help. That shit is scary and is killing so many people. I also have been smoking it for awhile and Im stopping.

    • Sweetie; I was hooked on this shit for about 6 months. It is hard to quit, and it made me very, very sick. I collapsed one day and had nerve damage for a couple of months from the fall, my hands always felt like they were on fire. I still have heart palpitations from time to time. The first couple of weeks are the worst, though. Your appetite WILL return, and you will be able to fall asleep again, I promise.

    • hi i hope you are feeling better but you should probably drop everything and put yourself in a detox program asap. or even go to the emergency room. they can help you out at a detox place i am at one now ive been clean off of spice for two weeks now and i feel great! that stuff is really powerful and addicting i know i understand how you feel ive black out on it three times and have burn marks on my legs from blacking out with boiling water. i never would have been able to quit if i didnt put myself in an inpatient program. you might have to do the same thing but spice is some horrible stuff, i mean its even way better to smoke real weed than this stuff its just as hardcore as heroin or meth even worse if some ways. if you need to talk you can email me at starsha007@yahoo.com im here if you need some support.

  11. I would like to personally speak with you regarding passing legislation in my state of SC. My son and only child died 12-5-2012 after an evening out with “so called friends” 6 of them to be exact, he was a passenger in their mini van. All were smoking synthetic weed. there was a wreck and no one was injured. We are told the accident did not contribute to my sons death. I suspect but we are still waiting for confirmation it was related to the use of this substance. However, there are many concerns as to law enforcement’s gross failure to investigate the scene. There are also many red flags to indicate foul play may have been involved. Due to law enforcements incompetence crucial evidence was missed and I have launched my own investigation. For instance the people with my son said he was in middle captain seat of van, a bystander who drove up on scene found him hanging over the back seat in van and he stated had he not have searched the van those kids would never have told him my son was in there. The highway patrol showed up to scene and wrote an simple accident report and let everyone go on their merry way. He also indicated in accident report my son was transported to the ER with no injury when in fact he was pulled from van not breathing and no pulse. Ems report states he was cyanotic and skin temp was cold. There is much more to this story and I would like to share but it’s way to much to type. My son was only 24 years old and in perfect health. He was my world and I am broken and devastated. I would like some guidence from you on how to procede from here. Please let me know if it would be possible to contact you.

    Best regards,

    • Becky,

      I’m so sorry about your son. I know your pain. There are no words.
      I’ve sent you an email with my contact information and look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Karen Dobner

    • I’m sorry to hear about your son. I dont know when you posted this but I hope we can talk. I’ve taken researching k2 into my own hands as of lately due to the fact that I’m not who I was before I smoked k2

  12. Glad I found this site. I’m 32y.o & yesterday I saw a man purchase spice from my local tobacco shop. It piqued my interest & I bought some today – 3g for $65. I placed a small amount in a cigarette and inhaled. I expected a mellow high. After just two puffs, I experienced complete association from reality, body shakes, intense fear of death or insanity. I was seconds away from calling emergency. I thought I was going to die!! I also had hallucinations. I vowed to throw it all out if I survived. I had to sit, trapped in a bad trip hell for nearly 2 hours. It was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I threw the bag in the bin. That is some truly nasty, poisonous stuff!!! So grateful to have survived. People need to know about this stuff.

    • I also tryed it for the first time yesterday, I also had two puffs and was tripping hard! Thank GOD we made it! I’m never doing that shit again!

  13. My prayers go to all the families effected by this drug and those who have fallen victim to it. How do we get through to these victims before their story reaches pages like this. If not for my loving wife I might have my picture and story posted. I want to create a platform for professional help and support but how do you get those addicted to visit. With over 800 visitors in 7 days most were families and friends of users telling their stories and educating themselves on this. As an addict to this drug I could not have survived the addiction on my own. I am looking for help and answers. Until then I read, cry, and pray….

  14. NV. I’ll take any suggestions you have. Like I said, state gov. has been of no health…”they’re working on it”.

  15. To those of you who have lost friends or family to this, I really, truly am sorry. I came across this site, because of the experience I just had tonight from the synthetic marijuana “rose”. A few hours ago my sister in law, and I smoked. It was literally by far the highest either of us have ever been!!! The experience we had was like no other we’ve ever felt. We’ve smoked many times together in the past, and experienced what we thought was a “good high”. Tonight, we made a pact that we will never smoke it again. I only took one hit. At first, everything seemed funny. We couldn’t stop laughing. My heart was racing fast enough, it felt I could have had a heart attack. She couldn’t stay still. I started seeing her as a scary old lady coming at me. (She reminded me of the old lady, Mary Shaw from the movie Dead Silence). That was the start of my “high gone bad”. I kept repeating over and over for her to stop moving around, and that she was freaking me out. She also looked like a marionette, the way she was bouncing around. She said she couldn’t stop. Then suddenly she fell straight to the floor. I got on the floor after her, begging her to get up. She just kept her face hidden, and was screaming. She said she was scared. She couldn’t tell what was real life and what wasn’t. I just kept telling her that everything was going to be okay , and that she needed to be strong enough to control it. I told her we were just high, and that it would go down soon. I begged her to get up so we could eat something to help bring the high down. I told her we needed to be around other people so that we could sober up quicker. In reality. I was just as scared as she was. I was terrified that I would be stuck like this forever, but I didn’t dare tell her that. It would have only freaked her out more. I finally talked her into getting up. When she sat up, the whole side of her face was covered in blood. There was a small puddle of blood where she laid on the floor. I started gagging…I can’t stand the sight of blood. I made her clean up her face. I splashed water on her and on myself. We tried to figure out where the blood was coming from…it was her ear. (She split the top of it in half. She definitely should get stitches, but she refuses to go the ER.) I suddenly felt myself slowly coming back. My heart rate was slowing down back to normal. I remembered being so high, that I thought to myself, “I’d rather be dead than feel like this!” I had an image in my head of my fiance shooting me, so I wouldn’t have to live my life like this. I’m assuming that’s probably the reason many others have taken their own lives after smoking this. Suddenly my sister in law looked at me, and said she just realized God is giving her another chance, a chance to stop smoking and be a better person. She cried for about an hour because she was so happy to be feeling normal again. After being high for what seemed like hours, we have decided that we’re done. I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to experience what we felt tonight. Luckily I’m not addicted like the many others I have read about on this website. Unfortunately, her dad, (my father in law), is very much addicted to this poison. He smokes about five bags a day when he can get the money for it. Not only that, but he’s also a pill addict as well. With a combination like this, we can only pray that he too will come to his senses soon. Again, I send my condolences to those of you who have lost loved ones to this. To those of you who have overcome it, please stay strong. Your life is worth so much more than a cheap high! Good Luck to you all!

    • Kim,

      Thank you for sharing. You are so lucky to have survived. We only report a small fraction of the total deaths. Luckily, you won’t be joining the others.

  16. I am so glad I’ve found this blog. My husband and I lost our only child to Spice July 14th, 2012. He ran off a road in Las Vegas and was ejected from his vehicle. He was not wearing his seat belt, which he always did. I believe he suffered a heart attack or seizure and couldn’t breathe so he undid the seatbelt. I have contacted State Legislators and Assemblymen who offer sympathy but nothing else. It is up to the State Board of Pharmacy to identify the chemicals being used and then those are banned. In the meantime, new ones are developed. My next try will be at the city and county levels. My son believed that “if it’s legal, it’s safe”.

    • Keep fighting for it, I was able to get it off the shelves and a strong county law. I’m working on STate legislation now. My son died August 10, 2012. What state are you in?

      • Ban it in Missouri I just got off that shit and I feel better every day that passes by I was so depressed and always fighting with everyone please ban it every where I’m still having chest pains and my inside hurt please stop while you can I’m only 19 years old life gets better trust me guys

    • My condolences to you and your family. Unfortunately, I and others know the horrible pain of loosing a child to Spice. There are no words to express the pain of loosing a child.

      On June 14, 2011, exactly one year before your son’s death, my son Max died in Illinois after his first-time use of Spice. His friend dropped him off at home immediately after smoking. He was alone, but called his brother and said “I smoked that legal stuff and I’m freaking out. And, my heart is pounding real hard. Half an hour later, he got in his car and drove through town at speeds reported to be between 80-100 mph. When the road came to an end, he never applied his brake. His car flew 80 feet through he air and landed in a house. Max died almost instantly.

      We immediately kicked into action and within months got this poison off of the shelves in Illinois. It requires a coordinated effort between law enforcement, poison control, media, educators, legislators and your leadership.

      Illinois Attorney General let the charge with law enforcement and legislation. We bombarded the media with our story. And, the numbers plummeted. And, we got it off the shelves before effective legislation was even passed.

      I wrote a lengthy response and then lost it! So sorry! But, I’d love to share what we have done and help you to fight the battle in your state. We have effective legislation now and our numbers are the lowest in the country.

      Write me at info@2themax.org and we will help you make a change. This nightmare has to stop across the country!

  17. God iam so worried about my babies with this s***.My daughter is19 & my son 18 they both smoke it & iam the DUMB mom who knows what. Please help I had them when I was 15/16 never did I run like there father they are the reason I breath my life.2 the familys iam so sorry 4 y’all loss
    Please help iam so scared

    • We’ve seen the most horrible cases of brain damage and mental disorders resulting from synthetic drug use. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do whatever you possibly can to stop your kids from using synthetic drugs. You may need to involve social services.

  18. I am an RN Case Manager in a mental health crisis unit and I am seeing young people come it horribly psychotic from this stuff. It’s terrifying. Usually they are so psychotic when they come in they can not speak and are very aggressive. By about 4 weeks in they can usually speak but they are still having visual and auditory hallucinations and are terrified because they do not know what is real and what isn’t. They are extremely paranoid. And the worst part is, because they are not schizophrenic, the antipsychotic drugs we use don’t work. There are new studies out that show DNA changes in users that could potentially be passed on to offspring and brain damage that looks like Alzheimer’s. When these people leave the hospital they are still psychotic and we have no idea how long they will be that way. This is the scariest drug I have ever seen. Where are the PSAs? We need to educate the public about this horror.

  19. When I was 15 I moved to Louisiana with my grandmother when my mom went to prison. I made my first friend there and was invited to his house where I tried ‘legal herb’ for the first time. When I was 16 I had ran away to be with my boyfriend that my grandparents didn’t approve of. While I was ‘on the run’ I went to a friends house and we rolled a blunt of legal herb by the name of Demon. I worked at the legal herb store in town where we made it ourselves (using spray bottles of chemicals). Our best brand was called Demon so when I saw another by that name at the gas station I urged we bought it to see if came close to ours. We smoked the blunt and about half way through I told my boyfriend and his friend I felt like I couldn’t breath, they assured me I’d be fine. sure enough a minute later they called my name and I didn’t respond. My boyfriend at the time pushed my shoulder and my head fell back. They said my eyes were open but rolled into the back of my head, my mouth was open, I was not breathing, & I had no pulse. My boyfriend’s friend’s mom was a nurse and she gave me CPR, I came back. Everyone was terrified and I was embarrassed so my boyfriend and I thought it would be best if we went back to where we were staying. While we were walking down the hall way I collapsed and the same thing happened. I finally got back to where I was staying and was fine. I didn’t learn my lesson and continued using only to have many more things like this but not as bad happen to the people around me. I moved back to Texas with my mom and introduced it to my current boyfriend. Once I saw the daily affects it had on him and my anxiety got bad enough I stopped, later so did he. I used it on a daily bases until 11/21/12. If you read this and are still using, please stop..it’s not worth it.

    • Does it get better? It’s been eight days since I stopped but my chest still hurts sometimes and i still get very agitated with everyone and always depressed and freezing I hope things get better and hope its not too late thanks everyone

      • Vinnie, we’re very happy that you have decided to be a surviver. Have you seen a doctor about that chest pain? Some young people are having heart attacks and cardiac problems. We strongly recommend that you consult with a doctor. Thanks for sharing. Keep us updated!

  20. Damn I read this entire page…. I have been using spice for about 2 months! I was smoking up to 8 grams a day!!!!! At first there were no problems, it was a lot like real pot! towards the end of my 2 month binge I started suffering from auditory hallucinations, my teeth turned a nasty shade of yellow (I smoked pot for years and always had white teeth), and it hurt when I urinated possible kidney issues? I have done a wide array of chemical substances, THC, Alcohol, MDMA, cocaine, and psilocybin and never suffered from any addiction or negative health effects. Usually I am of the belief that the government should stay out of my life and not tell us what we can and cant do to our own bodies. BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT!!!

    I have been off this substance for four days and at first it was very hard not to smoke, I was agitated, had a headache, a nasty productive cough, got hot/cold flashes and was very clammy. This my 4th day clean and I am still kind of agitated (but getting better) and my feet and hands are still clammy. I do feel as though my mental and physical health are returning… I no longer hear the auditory hallucinations, urination is better, and my cough is getting better.

    I am not just some junky on the street, I am in nursing school and will graduate in May with ~3.9GPA. I was lucky enough to have a girlfriend who cared about me and enough internal drive to want better for myself and my family (baby on the way).

    Take it from me, if you are using spice STOP!! I know what you are thinking, The government is just lying about the risks like they do with other substances (anyone remember refer madness lol). While I agree that most of the “drug war” is complete non-sense and REAL marijuana should be legalized, regulated, and taxed.

    SPICE IS DIFFERENT it is in the same rankings as crack, meth, and heroin. It is a HARD DRUG and a poison!!! This is just my two cents!

    Be healthy and live well!

    • I have been addicted for over a year. Having all those symptoma x 10 . Had bronchitis and horrible cough now for over a month . I don’t sleep ever.. I havent aten in 3 days my entire insides I believe are messed up and right now im withdrawal and I feel like im going to die. My whole family and friends are worried sick. Why is the high so addicting. Can somebody please please help me before I die. Im not kidding I smoke so much daily for over a year. What do I do im 18 and am in college .. live in morgantown wv. Someone reach out please

  21. Thank you, Karen, for your work to stop this. My son was a college student. He has been in and out of paranoia and having delusions. After agreeing to go to rehab, he bailed and used the same day. Then 2 weeks later, he was in and out of a psychosis and walked thru 3 suburbs to get to detox. Then he went to a 90 day rehab and bailed again after having one of the ‘spice attacks’ as I call the intense panic attacks. He is now on a psych unit for the second time in two months, and we are praying, with him, that he can stay in rehab. The doctors have said this can last 6 months. And a friend from Al Anon has a daughter 2 years off spice, who still has the panic attacks. I hope that this evil will not only be off the streets, but that tests for it will be standard. I see the horror going on in movie theaters and schools and my first thought is that these folks are using.

    • Susan, thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story. We wish you and your son the best. When news reports surface about crazy violence in otherwise ‘normal’ people, we get many emails from those speculating about synthetic drug use. We share your suspicions. We also get a lot of emails regarding the many fatalities involving young athletes. Because synthetic drugs have not been included in standard drug tests, many athletes and others turn to these drugs in an attempt to achieve that negative drug test result. And, most certainly, any report of naked people becoming violent or behaving like animals is thought to be a result of synthetic drug use. The body becomes very overheated and people have a tendency to remove their clothes. There is also a history of people biting other people, growling, and otherwise acting like an animal. It’s horrible, to say the least.

  22. I am having the same issue with my boyfriend. He’s been doing it for about a month now and had been lying to me about cutting back. When I ask him to not do it he hides it from me. I do not like what it does to him. He starts acting very strange and turns an ashy white color in his face. Almost like a zombie. I am very scared for him. We have gotten in several arguments about him not doing and even explaining the dangers and long term effects of this mess doesn’t bother him. He isn’t the same person and this crap is controlling him. Last night was the worst night of all because I refused to take him to get any. I have never seen him get as angry as he was. I was scared for myself. He has never been that mean and hateful. This addiction is dangerous. I just can’t get him to realize he is being controlled. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    • Amanda, it is important for you to realize that you could be in danger. Synthetic drug addicts tend to be particularly violent and “evil.” For that reason, many people have been hurt and killed. You need to involve his family to get the support you need. He needs help that you can’t give him. We are told by many that Spice is more addictive than heroin and meth. I strongly urge you to seek professional help. Most importantly, if you feel threatened at all, do not take a chance of injury or death. Call 911

      • Three 18 year old young men in our community recently kidnapped an 11 yr. old girl, possibly assaulted her, and dropped her off within an hr. One of them says he doesnt remember a thing except smoking legal all day, several grams of Mad Hatter. Life is over.

      • How horrible! But, not surprising. You can’t imagine how many crimes are connected to Spice use. Where did this assault occur?

      • I have question i know like pot your able to smell it is there a smell to the Synthetic drugs??????

      • The smell is not similar to real marijuana. Many say that it’s not a strong odor at all and it’s not unusual to hear that kids are smoking in the bathrooms at school for that reason. The odor is said to vary depending on the various plant materials that are used as a base to spray the chemicals on. I wish I could have given you a better answer than this. Sorry!

      • If you’ve ever been in a room with incense sticks burning then its a little similar. It’s a heavy smell. Most of the ones I’ve smelt are a little sweet smelling.

    • If he will not accept any help, get away from him and tell him that when he gets clean you can discuss a relationship, but get away before you wind up a statistic.

    • Ive been addicted for over a year. I love my mom more than life..when she dosent take me to get any I freak out like shell leave me some go to work come back and when she walks thru the door I neeed it. I stay up all night bowl after bowl. Fall asleep wake up another bowl repeat and I am having a ton of problems with my body inside and out physical and mental. I really need help

      • Did this cycle for 3 yrs bud i can relate. Quit now!! Please just throw all paraphanelia away.trash the poison. I’ve made family members fear me and cry. but being honest with them they’ll save you. just start realizing you deserve better.

    • It will only get worse trust me. I had to remove myself from the situation because i was tired of being beaten by my bf if he didn’t have any. Split my head open with a belt buckle ,a door. he’s choked me for not having the money to buy it. when we got evicted cause no bills were getting paid we had to stay with his sis. At 4am he started attacking me and his sister couldn’t stop him, called their mom over and he started flipping on her too. I’m a guy but very spiritually and passive. You need to call it off till he’s clean. and only when he’s clean and can prove it to you. will you make physical contact with him. yes its that serious. i should have died many times over. He’s addicted and thinks its the most important thing. but when you leave hell wallow in guilt and misery and have to pull himself out. thinking you have the powsr alone to save him is foolish and your playing russian roulette. sorry your dealing with this.

  23. Wow. This really is an eye opener. I’ve tried synthetic marijuana one time. One time was enough. I WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. It felt like I was dying. The guy I have been with for 2 years smokes this stuff numerous times a day. He won’t change. When he doesn’t have it, he loses control. It is very scary. I couldn’t imagine losing him because of synthetic marijuana. But, if he keeps going at this rate, I should probably start to prepare myself.

    • Maggie, we are so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. There’s are only a few ways that a story like this ends; he get’s straight (which he needs professional help doing), he suffers permanent mental illness, he dies, he goes to prison for hurting or killing someone. Our experience is that addicts get extremely angry and are often described as turning evil. Many people have been hurt or killed by synthetic drug addicts. It’s time to protect yourself! Also, do everything you can to get him help. Talk to his family. This situation will get worse without intervention. Don’t wait! Perfect example is the next comment. Please don’t wait until something even more tragic happens.

  24. Thank you so much for this site.
    I know have one more push to help me stay away from this sicken DRUG after reading these stories.

    I have witnessed two of my dear friends have seizure while smoking “spice” and who supplied, me of course. Embarressed and drained I quit cold turkey after FOUR YEARS and a ruined army carreer. I was kicked out of the Army due to a “health and welfare” of my barracks which lead to the discovery of my spice stash,

    Theres nothing more scary then watching your best friend …..only way to describe it is Emily Rose. It looked like he was took over by a demon, The second friend was much much worse.

    This DRUG has effected my life like nothing else and I want to help in ANY way. ANY WAY.

    I want to start something to get this crap out of my state, my town and away from my family.

    I would love some information and wisdomn on what I can do. I am very very passionate about this. I am so so so lucky to be alive especally on the scale that i was using.

    Use me as a tool.

  25. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it. This website has got some really useful info on it! I was looking for this. It was excellent and very informative. As a first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed and I found a lot of informative stuff in your article. Thanks for posting. PLEASE keep it up!

  26. my name is allie i am trying to reach karen i am trying to pass a bill in my state regarding all synthetic incenses. please help me reach her

    • Alycia,

      I’ve written an email to you with my contact information. We would love to help you advocate for effective measure to control synthetic drug use in your state.

      Karen Dobner

  27. I’m 21 and have been smoking this stuff since 18. It wasnt a every day habit more of a social thing or a pregame type of activity it wasnt very frequent, up until the last couple of months since about April. I lost sight of who I was I started to smoke more and do things that I wouldn’t normally do. I would take my parents cash and cars and go find some “fweed”. I can explain exactly how I felt each time I was on it because I use to smoke about 3 grams a day if not more. The feeling you have, depending on the person, is instant euphoria its an extremely intense feeling that is tough for anyone to handle. It has almost the exact same feelings of weed just pumped on steroids. It does make you think more it makes you see things in a different perspective it does have many of the same qualities as marijuana except the main reason of what this blog is all about… its fake and harmful. It saddens me that such young kids have suffered the ultimate mistake in ingesting this attrocious excuse for a drug. I’m truly disgusted in myself for having put myself through “a living hell”. Mine was whenever I was smoking one night and my body uncontrollably started to have severe spasms and my body twisted and bones popped in such a way that I couldn’t control myself. That was back in October. I decided that enough was enough and that if I was gonna make something out of myself I had to kick this habit. Its been two months thus far and its a struggle at first but I find myself to be strong and mentally tough to where I checked myself into rehab. Not actuall rehab I just told myself that I was gonna stop cold turkey. It didn’t work all at first it did take a little longer than expected. I had to progressively slow down the smoking and then just stop altogether. I thank God that I’m alive and well. Through him all things are possible. I feel like I’ve turned a new leaf and I don’t plan on going back. So to anyone who wants to smoke this stuff to be a big boy, just know that I’ve been around the block a number of times and can tell you that this will slowly but surely end in one of three things: death, pshycofrenia, or paralysis. Please don’t be a statistic go do something productive rather than smoke fweed.

    • Joe, we are happy to hear that you’ve survived what so many other haven’t. There are so many more deaths than the ones listed above. We can’t publish them because the families do not want to publish they tragedy. And, then there are the ones that we don’t know of and never will because synthetics are not part of standard drug tests and are only ordered when there is direct knowledge of synthetic drug use. It’s should also be noted that people have a very wide range of reactions to Spice. Some have near death experiences, or death itself, after only one use. Others have marijuana effects, in the beginning. Very few users do not have bad side effects eventually. And, very few have the strength and determination to quit on their own. Congratulations! Good luck to you and thanks for writing.

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  30. I just lost a great friend on Friday due to a heart attack at age 32. He smoked synthetic weed all the time. Cause of death at this time is unknown, but synthetic weed is the suspected cause by myself and many of his friends.

  31. I started smoking synthetic weed about 3 yrs ago. The first few months were fine, not as good ( or natural ) of a feeling as weed but it was my alternative to failing a drug test at work. Before I knew it I was smoking daily, then found myself smoking at work ( in the bathroom ) , then on the car ride home , then in the bathroom at home so my wife couldn’t really tell just how bad my addiction had become, I lied to myself forever about how bad it was changing my entire personality , I was becoming fixated on it like a full blown crack head … I couldn’t go to the store across the street without taking a big hit first , once my bank account started speaking for me my wife had enough and eventually ended up leaving me after a real bad fight which of course was in part of me being a junkie and turning into the worlds shittiest parent. Even after this I found myself alone, on the couch , smoking until I blacked out cold , then waking up and lighting up again, then the fear started … The paranoia and panic attacks, there’s no doubt in my mind now this was my bodies way of saying ” stop or you will die !” I started getting chest pains and having the most terrifying thoughts you could ever imagine , near death experience is the only way to describe it, and it was not ” all in my head” … One day my chest seized up and it was this final wake up call ” you are having a heart attack and you are going to die NOW! ” I grabbed my chest and fell, I couldn’t get to a phone and had no one there to even see this happening , I remember thinking I wasted my life and was about to leave my wife without her best friend and a son without a father for a cheap high, I blacked out and woke up on the floor where I dropped about a day later , that was my ” rock bottom” , I’m now waiting on blood tests to see how bad the damage is that I’ve done to my heart and body and trying to repair the damage I’ve done to my family , by the grace of god my wife has come back to help me through this , instead of getting ” winded ” now by working or walking too much I get chest pains and have to sit down , < months later by the way, I used to work out all the time now I can't walk a few blocks without having to stop and I'm terrified of what my next doctors visit will reveal. < if this sounds like a good alternative to weed to you by all means… enjoy :)

    • Jeremy, thank you for sharing your horrible experience with spice. You are so lucky to be alive. The good Lord has given you another chance at life. Even if the tests reveal permanent heart damage, you are lucky. We wish you luck in your recovery. Please keep us updated about the results of your tests. It’s important that we get as much feedback as possible. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

    • Ive been commenting on these all night. Been addict for over a year..exact same thing wake up smoke sleep wake up smoke. Hide it from my mom. Buy extra and hide it and smoke ot when shes gone in the past week I spend 200 on it 26 grams. I need it all the time. Horrible effects mental physical inside and out. My body I believe is messed up inside .all these horrible side effects. And withdrawal and ive completely changed. Please help me I believe I m going to die very soon

      • Ashley, please tell your mom what you have written here. Tell her that if she doesn’t get you help, you feel like you are going to die. Don’t wait another day. You have to do it before it’s too late. You can still save your life. Do it for your mom. Please keep us updated! I’m praying for you.

      • You need to detox! DETOX DETOX DETOX !!! You need EPSOM SALT, BAKING SODA ,GROUND GINGER, EUCALYPTUS, THYSTLE. Mix ingredients in look warm bath water and jump in for 40 min. get out slowly. no rinsing just wrap a towel around you to continue detox. ginger should aid in sweating to further detox. You can get some epsom salt and baking soda at the dollar tree. and that alone detoxifys your body. try taking an antiinflamatory. take some fish oil caplets to help your heart. gargle with salt water to prevent resperatory infections. Drink gallons and gallons of water. you are extremely dehydrated notice how the smoke of synthetics just sits so thick in the the air. yeah its garbage and to start getting the tar out of your lungs you need to do some excercise and work out your lungs so they break the stuff inside up. If your a plasma donator. donate to clean your blood. now the mental problems it causes are easily reversible … find a metaphysical store..if its a good white zone just browsing should start changing your mindset…. no purchase neccessary lol. just have a long cry… were usually trying to hidr from our emotions.a big ol’ emotional cry is the first step in forgiveness. Forgive and live a life of humility and seak out your own spiritual journey. i gaurantee you it can become a healthy alternative to drugs.

      • The To the Maximus Foundation is not qualified to give advise on detox. So, we advise everyone going through this horrible experience to consult with their own doctor.

  32. im spending my first few hours of sobreity off spice it may be illegal but teens are making it in there back yards like meth they sell all the shit to do it online my organs ache im mentally damaged and i fear the damage that spice has done to my body my buddy matt had a massive seizure on it and i called an ambulance when he got back from the hospital all he wanted to do was get high i just got off the phone with him he said hes smoking a bowl right now and i said lets hang out until i came across this website i thought there was no bad side effects and as far as those panic attacks go i called them spice freak outs cause if you smoke to much then you have a full blown anxeity attack there pretty fuckin scary but theres something in spice that makes you crave the freakout its hard to explain but i appreciate this website it may save my life cause those are some scary but easy to relate to stories i just needed to see if there were any reported deaths and for the record i had planned my suicide last week and talked to my mom about it i dont have those feelings now but i feel they were linked to spizzle aka spice and to all the fams that lost loved ones i read all your stories and if it were not for them then my pic would most likely be going on that blog and who ever started this site i appreciate it my name is dallas im only 18 you just saved my life now i just need to show matt this site but if your using and u read this quit while you can

    • Dallas,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s stories like yours that keep us motivated. These are only a few of the deaths that we know of. Many more have died and we are unable to publish their names because their families do not wish to go public with their stories. We wish you the best with your recovery. I lost my son, Max, to a one-time use of synthetic marijuana. The Foundation was named in his honor. We also have many members that are caring for their adult children who are now mentally disabled as a result of synthetic cannabinoid use. Stay strong in your recovery! One day at a time, and soon you will be ‘out of the woods.’

  33. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones to this sinister drug.. I’m from Australia and unfortunately the problem is also rife here in Oz.. My husband of 2 years is still alive after 18 months of using this drug but most days it feels as though he has died and sadly, most days I think if it would end all the sadness and suffering this drug causes, it may be easier to heal if he was.. I had 4 children and was divorced when I got together with my husband, who was once my brothers best friend. He was a wonderful man who took on my 4 children as his own and provided for them. I was utterly and totally in love and although I had had a rough time in my first marriage, I opened my heart to him. Things were wonderful for a couple of years and the kids still love him but about 18 months ago, not long after I fell pregnant with our first child together, he smoked this ‘legal’ drug to see what it was like. He had smoked real pot on and off previously and was always able to stop and just do it recreationally ( not that I condone this either) a condition of us getting together was that he didn’t smoke anymore and for the these first 2 years we were both gym fanatics- he was in peak physical condition! Fast forward these last 18 months, we just had to sell our family home and I’m facing being a single parent again to 5 children.. This drug has taken hold and he has a full blown addiction. We have not a cent in the bank and he has wasted $12000.00 since July smoking this poison. I beg him daily, have gone to dr appts with him, taken him to detox ( when we got there he wouldn’t go in as he doesn’t see himself like ‘those’ people) he has so far kept his job ( which pays up to $1500 a week after tax so we should actually be quite well off) but he has just had the last 2 weeks off to smoke more so won’t be long til that’s gone too. I’ve been supportive but now feel the kids and I ( our gorgeous daughter will be 1 in 5 weeks!) are in danger around him. He dropped her on her head yesterday, is aggressive when not stoned and has threatened to harm me and the kids if I refuse to give him money ( I don’t have!) for this stuff. He has been taken to hospital twice in psychotic states and has turned a sickly shade of yellow which I can only put down to liver damage ( he doesn’t drink at all!) he has been up vomiting for 3 – 4 hrs most nights this week from about 1am so he is either getting VERY ill or is that addicted his body goes into withdrawals when he’s not smoking because he’s asleep.. This synthetic ‘marijuana’ is NOTHING like marijuana so please don’t be fooled by the name.. I fear it may be too late to save him or our marriage but hopefully someone thinking about trying it reads this and thinks twice

    • We are so sorry for your suffering and that of the children. It’s a horrible story that we have heard, in different variations, many times. Hopefully, by telling your story, you will save someone from the hell that you are being forced to live. It’s a true shame that a drug has cost another family their hopes and dreams.

    • I am grieved to read of your story and will pray for you and your family. I will be sharing your story in a medical radio program this week regarding this epidemic. Thank you for sharing this and it will help others, if they will only heed the warning.

  34. I just came back from emergency after smoking this stuff for the first time. I became extremely delusional and paranoid and I thought I was going to die. Luckily for me I just ended up with a ton of embarrassment. Please don’t try this stuff, it’s not marijuana, it’s poison.

    • Thandy, we’re happy that you survived without causing injury or death to yourself or others. Please help us spread the word. My son had three friends that had horrible experiences before he died. If they had warned Max, he would still be alive. Don’t make that mistake.

    • Cesar, I assure you it’s not hearsay. Thousands are going to emergency rooms with seizures, hallucinations, panic attacks, heart attacks, strokes, psychosis, organ failure (kidney), etc. And then, there’s the people that have survived and call or write to tell us about their “trip from hell” and the “worst experience of their lives”, they day they “almost died.” These are characterizations we hear nearly on a daily basis. Everyone reacts differently to different chemicals. And, some people smoke for months or years without problems and suddenly have their “trip from hell.” Then, there’s the families that are caring f or their mentally disabled, grown children that can no longer care for themselves and require 24/7 care. Tell them, it’s all hearsay. I assure you, it’s real.

    • You must have been one of the lucky ones that only smoked a package that wasn’t as potent as most out there. There’s no way of regulating how much poison is in one package to the next, even if they are labeled exactly the same. Hopefully you won’t have any long term effects down the road, since this drug hasn’t been tested and there’s no way of knowing what the results will be from one person to the next or one day to the next. I hope since you’re comment about not liking it means that you aren’t going to do it again. Because it may be the last thing you do.

    • This is certainly not hearsay, and the threat is that manufacturers do NOT use the same recipes, intensities, and there is NO TESTING to ensure safety…
      I used one brand for years going through an online source that I considered “safer” than the store-bought brands. One day, I had run out (intentionally) but the urge was too strong; I went to a local head-shop and bought a brand “recommended” by the person behind the counter, due to customer feedback. That night, my brain felt like it was being used in a ping-pong tournament; impulses fired on the left and the right and I couldn’t make sense of any of it. It was like a completely different experience than anticipated and it felt like a deadly prank had been pulled on me. I was scared, but only to go back to ordering online.
      Months later, same scenario… I’m out and I buy a new brand of “legal high” to share with a friend. Within 5 minutes, he began to suffer a seizure. I was terrified and called 911. I had to perform chest compressions until paramedics arrived- it was THE single scariest event I have ever witnessed. My friend was dying in my arms and the sirens of the ambulance were so far away…
      You may have been lucky thus far, but it is like drinking and driving… you don’t take it seriously until you either get busted or wreck, and then it is too late… TOO LATE!

  35. Spice & K2—Cannabinoids
    “These schedule I drugs are synthetic cannabinoid agents. They affect various regions of the brain, causing such neuropsychiatric effects as increased dopamine(Drug information on dopamine), increase serotonin, inhibit gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), increase norepinephrine(Drug information on norepinephrine), and inhibit glutamate release. Although these agents get a “bad rap,” they are not all bad, he added. For instance, they have shown advantages by stimulating the hippocampus and increasing appetite and affecting the chemoreceptor trigger zone in the medulla, thus decreasing nausea.”Th was taken from a link on this website. I can agree that I personally have have and had little to no negative effects from use. This so called fight you are talking about is not going rid this country of synthetics. The true form of these drugs are not all doom and gloom. Regulating them would be the right step in my opinion. I am telling you that by putting all these people jail and shutting down the already sketchy process of making these drugs is only going to get worse. Give me one example making a drug illegal has rid the country of the problem. It should be studied more and like I said regulated. Not everyone who delves into aromatherapy goes crazy and has organ failure. Parents need to educate their kids and people need to make better choices. Nobody forced these products on anyone. As far as poison control center calls the 6000 or whatever number from last year very miniscule. Please post this as i’ve seen you haven’t posted my last one.

    • We work everyday to educate people about synthetic drugs. We speak to victims and their families, scientists, medical professionals, law enforcement and others. Those that are dealing with the cases can tell you that synthetic drugs are as dangerous or more than PCP, LSD and heroine, in some users. Others can smoke for months and years without the horrible side-effects that we all-to-often have to hear about. We have members of our Foundation that are caring for adult children that are mentally disabled after synthetic drug use. Some of them are only one-time users. Everyone reacts differently to synthetic cannabinoids and cathinones. And, everyone reacts differently to different chemicals.

      While the producers and sellers may not have been aware of the horrible consequences of their products in the beginning, they are now perfectly aware of the deaths and hospitalizations. There is no doubt that those who have continued to sell are greedy, sociopaths. It’s not that they want people to die or get injured, it’s that they just don’t care, as long as they make money. They belong in jail.

      There is a huge cost to society to consider when the issue of legislation is debated. Those with indefinite psychosis, severe anxiety disorders and other mental and physical injuries almost always end up with relying on entitlements, a considerable cost to society. Some of our members have suffered for two years and more. And, the cost of law enforcement, who have to deal with very labor intensive cases regularly, is astronomical. People that are crazy on synthetic drugs cannot be controlled by the normal staff. Hospitals are having to deal with very labor intensive cases, not seen since the PCP days.

      Your argument about prohibition does not hold up, since we have evidence that banning synthetic drugs has a considerable effect on poison control calls and ER visits for synthetic drugs. In Illinois, our poison control calls have gone from 30% over the national average to 60% below the average in only 8 months. We attribute this to education and legislation.

      Regarding your poison control comment, the number of calls to poison control are only a small fraction of the total cases. However, if you were only to consider the 7,000 calls to poison control in 2011, I’m sure that none of the thousands woudld consider the problem “minuscule.”

      The war against drugs must be fought on both the supply and demand realm. Laws are designed to effect supply and education is targeted to demand. When both are utilized, we are able to see some level of success, such as in Illinois. We don’t ever dream of wiping these poisonous chemicals off the face of the earth. But, it is our goal to save as many lives from the suffering that we are seeing, as possible.

      I don’t know what comments you made that were deleted, so I can’t comment on specifics. However, I advise that you refrain from recommending other drugs in your comments. Also, consider that TTM is an organization that is specific to synthetic drugs. We don’t entertain ridiculous comments about how alcohol is more dangerous. Is it dangerous? Yes. But, there are many organizations that fight that battle. Not ours.

      We get many comments from drug users, fighting for their right to destroy themselves and others. 99% of them are under the age of 25. When we know better, we do better. This is why so many adults fight against drugs and so many kids fight for their right to do them. There usually comes a day when young people come to realize the damage they are doing to themselves and others due to their drug use. Adults try to minimize the damage until they are old enough to have grown formidable brains. We were all once kids and understand, but that doesn’t mean that we should just sit back and watch you all destroy yourselves.

      I hope that this addresses all of your issues. Thank you for writing and I hope that some day you will no longer feel the need to numb yourself with drugs.

      • This is a horrific drug I had one small cone after a friend convinced me it was ok and Legal the affect it had on me was.a complete nightmare I felt a burning heat sore through my body my thoughts went a million miles an hour my heart almost burst out of my chest I vomitted my whole body contracted I had several mini seizures it was the worst experience of my life after I came down from the so called high I was driving home and contemplated deliberately crashing my car the next day I had diarea a sore chest my muscles ached and I could not stop crying it effects everyone differently but make no mistake it’s dangerous

    • I’ve seen this before… the sad part is i know exactly where you stand on the addiction scale. right now you sound like your defending your poor choices and bad habits. You cant keep convincing yourself this stuff is anything but poison or ok in moderation. You probably aren’t thinking for yourself anymore. this drug will consume you and spit you out… this crap should not be regulated and ill do everything in my power to lobby against it. ….your in for a rude awake. Replace bad habits with good habits and find natural ways to feel good about yourself. i gaurantee you the ppl on here don’t care about regulation campain or any talk about positive side effects. There are none! I feel sorry for you and hope you come to your senses. but by the way you sound you’ll be on here soon enough with a testimony and an epiphany givin your own personalized hellish story.

  36. we should all get together and fle lawsuits against these people they knew fully well what they were producing this for even when it states “not for human consumption” by putting that on they knew dam well what the intentions were for.

  37. I would just like to say I am fortunate I smoked up to 10 grams a day for over a year at first I thought hell ya I found my outlet then it took total control and only when it was unavailable could I stop I’ve always been healthy recently I was told I have an enlarged heart and obstructive lung disease I’m 33 I blame on synthetics PLEASE stop now before its to late

  38. When spice first became available I was ecstatic about the concept and romanticized its ability to mimic the effect of marijuana without showing up on any kind of common drug screen. It was as if someone finally thwarted the DEA! I became a regular user of this substance until they banned the first 018, I tried the next variety and became very uncomfortable after an instance where my heart rate increased so I went back to smoking Cannabis.

    Years passed and my friend came across some spice that was illegal but still readily available (under the counter) the other day. I had consumed what must have been not even an 1/8th of a gram last night (11/6/12), I sat down on my couch and I could feel my chest tighten and my heart rate shot up and up uncontrollably, my vision started to blur and my friend was becoming very concerned as I shook violently. I attempted to take my pulse but it was too hard to concentrate so I rested my left hand on my chest where I could feel my heart trying to pound its way out in a way I haven’t ever felt, not even after the most intense workout has my heart ever beat this hard or fast. My friend told me I was turning white and asked if he should call the pm’s, I told him I didn’t know but to wait..I could only try to focus on breathing in and out. Fortunately for me I’m 25 and in good health but if the pipe I loaded had any more of that crap in it I really don’t think I’d be here posting this after searching for “synthetic marijuana deaths”. This was not just some “bad trip” and I don’t ever want to see someone carrying this stuff again.

    To anyone who is reading this and currently smokes spice please heed my words and realize that these manufacturers will always hide behind their “not for human consumption” warning. They DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!!! Every single one of them is having a blast making easy money and they’re all in a race to be “the strongest spice” and YOU are their lab rat. As for me, I’ll always love Cannabis and will continue its use regardless of my jobs random UA’s. I’d rather carry a warmed bottle of synthetic urine every day instead of subjecting myself to these vial and faceless companies that could care less about whether I live or die. Please think about not only yourself but your loved ones as well, these research chemicals are changing so rapidly that you’re putting yourself on the front-lines instead of an actual lab rat. If UA’s are a problem and you can’t be without Cannabis; like myself, then invest in a fake wang since your life is worth so much more than a $15 bag. Someone out there loves you, don’t make them cry because you think this is the only way to get blazed.

  39. I am trying to find more information on others complications and/or organs failures with this drug. My brother was expiercing stomach and back pain along with flu like symptoms for a few days and was going crazy saying he wanted to shoot himself and angry. He started vomitting blood and went to the ER and is now in the hospital in full kidney failure (92% failed) This is his second day to be in and they’ve began dialisis this morning but dont have enough information on the drug or know what organs its going to effect yet cause of lack of information. Please keep my brother in your prayers, his name is Michael Wheeler 27 is married and has a 3 yr son at home, resides in Oklahoma

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  41. I used to smoke synthetic pot. The last time i did it is something i will never be able to forget. I was hearing voices in my head, & they were telling me they were going to get me and kill myself. I was in my bathroom & i sat on the floor. My heart was beating so fast i didnt think i could keep up with it. I started seeing black spots & heard a ticking noise, like a clock. The voice in my head told me to turn the water on in the bathtub, so i did. It told me to take my clothes off and get in, so i did. When i got in, the voice told me to turn around & taste the water, & i felt my body being pulled down. It wanted me to drown myself. I remember getting out & sitting on the floor bawling. When i looked around, an image would stay stuck in my head. If i looked at the wall & turned, the wall would be in front of me even if it wasnt really there. I called my sister & told her i was going to die. The voice told me it was goin to get me to die & told me to slit my wrists with a razor. I went upstairs & collapsed by my door, & it was tellin me to strangle myself. My sister ran upstairs to see what was going on, & i told her to feel my pulse. She did & she told me it was normal, but her eyes were wide with horror so i knew she was lying. I thought i was goin to die. & i couldnt tell my parents, who were downstairs, because i didnt want them to know i was doing drugs. I made it though. I was 16 years old. Im 18 now & my brothers smoke it. They know what happened to me & one of my friends was on it & had a seizure; they thought he died. & even seeing that, they wont stop. It hurts me a lot. I have mental problems now because of this drug, & i will NEVER do that to myself again. If you want to live a nightmare & feel like you are living in hell, try this drug. I wish i could take everything back, but i am glad i have come so far because of it.

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  43. Audrey, I would take him to the emergency room immediately and not let them discharge your son until he has a place to go where he is supervised and can withrdraw from his addiction. There have been deaths/suicides that have occured after trying to quit using this drug. I have read one case where it took 6 months for the suicidal tendencies and panick attacks to subside. Good luck and god bless you and your family!

    • Unfortunately there is no treatment for this so the emergency rooms can only deal with the symptoms and they are NOT required to keep anyone involuntarily unless they SAY that are suicidal. Even then, they may or may NOT ever “come down” and return to normal. For some, they are stuck in that mental status and lost.

    • Unfortunately in the State of Texas a person has the right to be mentally ill without treatment if they choose and this “legal” incense comes across a lot of times as mental illness, I know I have tried to get my son committed for treatment. The DA s office told me this………

  44. I am a parent of three beutiful boys ! I am reading these stories of lost lives ,and waiting fot the horrible phone call i am going to recieve …. My 20 year old son dylan is hooked on this drug and i am trying desperately to keep him from purchasing these very available synthetic marijuana drugs in my town !! I live in Abilene Texas we currently have 4 smoke shops that sell these drugs to ANYONE!!! .One of the mr nice guys smoke shop is next to my sons unniversity he is attending !!!! All the football players and athletes students are smoking this poisen !!! I am one parent trying to stop this !!!

    • We understand your pain and frustration, Audrey. Please let us know where, exactly, these drugs are being sold and which college your son attends so that we can alert the authorities and the school. You can write us privately at info@2themax.org.

    • Audrey I feel your frustration, please please report these shops to your local authorities, state and federal authorities, local newspapers, college authorities, health department, etc. There is a federal ban…report the stores to the DEA on this website as well. I will be praying for you son.

    • I am also a mother trying to stop the sale of this poisen, my son is addicted super bad as well, i was told, contact every delegate, supervisor, police dept in your area and get them to do something, i understand how you feel, going thru hell with my son

    • Please contact the media, newspaper, any way to get this publicly out. maybe the city council. I also live in Abilene and have similar problems with my kids. Maybe even the new sheriff?

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  46. My son walked into a store and purchased the synthetics (which were illegal to sell) after finding out he could still buy it over the counter, smoked and went swimming with friends in Lake Ontario and DROWNED! Victor was 19, very healthy strong swimmer, never in trouble in his life, advanced regents diploma from high school, going to college, bright, kind, funny. I have been able to get the store raided, but too late for my son. I don’t want anyone else to die from this terrible poison.

    How do I add him and his photo to this site?

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  49. My son died of a self inflicted inter oral gunshot wound to the head on November 6th 2011. There is no doubt in our minds this was due to a chemically induced psychosis caused by using Spice. Jake was having suicidal thoughts for a long time and could not link his problems to the use of Spice. I believe he didn’t think his Spice use was causing the problems because he probably tried to quit and then the suicidal thoughts remained with him. This has been described in many other cases. He was the last person anyone would ever imagine would take his own life. In fact, even his own family doctor did not recognize his problems and therefore did not refer him for further help. Jake was a great kid and was never in any trouble growing up. I wish I would have had the knowledge and education concerning Spice as it may have helped save his life. Hopefully others can learn from these examples of untimely deaths.

    Jacob Luke Wasserburger was 19 years old. http://www.wiscnews.com/portagedailyregister/news/local/obituaries/article_61f4d606-0a99-11e1-9ca7-001cc4c03286.html

    • We are heartbroken every time we hear about another loss. We know the pain of loosing a beautiful child. It sounds like Jake led a very full life. He must have been the joy of your lives. We fight everyday to try to put an end to the madness that synthetic marijuana is causing. We welcome you into our crusade. Please contact us if you would like to join us.

      • Id like to join. we have a ban coming up on the 14th but they’re saying it will more then likely come back with new formulas having to be shown like ingrediants on a food pack. but i want to spread the word and make sure the ban is effective here in lbk ,tx

      • The Foundation’s position is that banning chemicals or classes of chemicals and their analogues will most likely never work. It hasn’t so far. We advocate for legislation that address the mislabeling and misbranding of drugs.

        We believe Illinois to have the most comprehensive synthetic drug legislation in the nation. IL HB 5233 “ends the game of catch up and cracks down on retail sales by classifying as illegal any chemical sold to be taken as a drug, regardless of what it’s called or how it’s labeled,” according to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Come back for an upcoming article on this legislation soon.

        Regarding joining us, we would love to connect you with some people that we know down in Texas, doing a great job advocating for effective legislation. That’s where your efforts will be best served. I’m sure they would be very happy to have your help. Please email me at info@2themax.org


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  54. Wife and I came home one Friday night to find our son dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Just a week prior to my sons death I had caught him getting ready to smoke synthetic marijuana. After his death I found multiple containers in his chest of drawers which this death comes in. I truly believe this substance is which lead to the death of my child. Before his death he informed us he was having panic attacks. I observed his demeanor to be an aggressive one and one which was aggitated with the change of the wind. This stuff kills and if one person is saved by reading these testimonials it was well worth my few minutes of time to share our story. We love and miss you Austin.

    Austin Jones 20 years old

    • We are so very sorry to hear this awful news. We share your pain, and we thank you so much for coming forward with your story. It is the strength of parents like you that may help save the lives of so many other kids.

      God bless you.

      • Thank you for this website. I am a former user of this drug and it has almost completely ruined my life. I am taking the slow steps now that are necessary to recovery but everyday is a struggle and I constantly deal with anxiety, anger, paranoia and strange thoughts….

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